Electronic Arts Confirms Assassin’s Creed Like Game by Jade Raymond

It has been confirmed by Electronic Arts that Jade Raymond is making an Assassin's Creed like game for them.

Remember how Patrick Soderlund, the EVP of Electronic Arts said that the company wanted things like GTA and Assassin’s Creed? Well, they are actually doing that now, and we know it thanks to Blake Jorgensen, the company CFO who revealed their plans of an Assassin’s Creed like franchise at the UBS Global Technology Conference, San Francisco.

Starting off by stating a fact, Jorgensen said that they have “never really operated in the largest genre of gaming, and that’s the action genre,” and continued to reveal that they were now working on such a thing and even mentioned the Assassin’s Creed franchise a couple of times to suggest the type of a game they are making.

Not only that, the Electronic Arts executive also revealed that a Montreal-based studio was being set up in order to work on the game and confirmed that former Managing Director of Ubisoft Toronto, Jade Raymond is going to be leading them. The hot vet has been at the helm of Assassin’s Creed titles at Ubisoft too.

Here’s an excerpt from his statement:

That’s the Assassin’s Creed-style games; more open-world, more single-play versus multiplayer. It’s not been an area that we’ve operated in. We recently hired Jade Raymond, who was behind the Assassin’s Creed franchise for Ubisoft and she will be building an action genre for us through a studio we’re building out in Montreal right now.

We’ll be telling you more as soon as Jade Raymond or Electronic Arts decides to share.

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