Elden Ring Wyndham Catacombs Walkthrough

Wyndham Catacombs is another minor, optional dungeon in Elden Ring that holds treasures such as the Lightning Scorpion Charm, Ancient...

Wyndham Catacombs is another minor, optional dungeon in Elden Ring that holds treasures such as the Lightning Scorpion Charm, Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook, and Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing. If you’re interested in looting those, learn how in the following guide.

How to Get to the Wyndham Catacombs in Elden Ring

Wyndham Catacombs lies to the southwest of Mt Gelmir in the Altus Plateau. Head north from the Erdtree Gazing Hill Site of Grace and you’ll spot a looming structure. The entrance to the dungeon is just behind it.

Elden Ring Wyndham Catacombs Walkthrough

After entering through the gates, create a checkpoint by interacting with the Site of Grace just ahead. Down the stairs is a door behind which the mini-boss lies. In order to open the door, turn right and take the lift there to get down.

Go ahead with caution as there’s a trap that shoots lightning arrows from behind. You’ll encounter two Imps on the other side of a pool at the bottom. The Imps will welcome you with lightning bombs. Head towards the Imps while dodging the blade moving up and down. Get the Imps and collect the Grave Glovewort.

In the area ahead, there’ll be two more Imps and a Grave Glovewort on the left. Take the stairs ahead and you’ll be in an open area where you’ll be able to collect a Grave Glovewort, in the middle, after killing the enemies.

Around the bend, there’s a ladder guarded by a Gold Dragon Cult Knight. There’s a Grave Glovewort on its right which can be equipped after killing the knight. Take the knight down and climb up the ladder.

Once done, on the top will be a locked door asking for a Stonesword Key. A Lightning Scorpion Charm will be awarded if the door is unlocked. The main pathway is to the left which takes to a room with a spiked ceiling.

The room seems to be a dead-end unless you step on the floor and the floor starts to move upward. Run to the other side and there will be an Imp with a Gold Dragon Cult Knight. Kill them to access the lever that will unlock the boss door.

Pull the lever and you’ll be troubled by the moving floor again. Sprint from the floor immediately and you’ll be in a new area. Dropdown through the area and you’ll find a Magic Grease, Golden Rune, and the Ancient Dragon Apostle’ Cookbook 1.

Two huge crabs will spawn here and you must be aware of them. Use the lever on your right to get out of there. Now return to the doors behind which the boss, Erdtree Burial Watchdog, lies.

How to Defeat Erdtree Burial Watchdog

Among other variants of Erdtree Burial Watchdog, this variant is very much similar to the sword-wielder that you encountered in Minor Erdtree Catacombs and Impaler’s Catacombs. These watchdogs use electric-based attacks simultaneously with all other regular attacks.

The boss can quickly draw his sword and swing in multiple directions. In case the boss slams the sword down to the side, you must get away from the boss as the boss is about to launch a spinning attack.

When the boss stands up and tries to get you, it will swing the sword vertically at a very high speed. A good dodge will also provide you with an opportunity to counterattack. The right time to attack the boss here will always be when it finishes an attack and is getting ready for a new one.

Another deadly attack by the boss is when it rises in the air and slams the sword into the ground. This sends out huge shock waves and gives damage. Note that the boss can do this move multiple times in quick succession and you must dodge this attack carefully each time the boss launches it until it settles on the ground.

Another deadly but easy to dodge electric attack is when it takes its face backward and summons a huge lightning ball. The boss will then through the ball towards you that you can avoid by making use of the pillars. Defeating the boss will give you a Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing.

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