Elden Ring Volcano Cave Walkthrough

The following Elden Ring Volcano Cave walkthrough will help players complete Volcano Cave and defeat its boss.

Volcano Cave is a system of caves inhabited by demi-humans and their queen. It’s another optional dungeon for players to enter in Elden Ring from the highest point of Mt. Gelmir. The following Elden Ring Volcano Cave walkthrough will help players complete Volcano Cave and defeat its boss.

How to Get to Volcano Cave in Elden Ring

Head towards the northernmost part of Mt. Gelmir before proceeding north from the ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace through the bridge to the northeast.

Follow the curve of the mountain where you will encounter several Leyndell Soldiers and Demi-Humans. When you approach a dead end, the entrance to the cave will be on the left, buried in the rock wall. You’ll arrive at a Site of Grace after passing through a tunnel.

Elden Ring Volcano Cave Walkthrough

A group of Demi-Humans can be found just past the Site of Grace. Defeat them, then go west to locate a Golden Rune on a body at the path’s edge. There will be another group of demi-humans on the ledge below, however, don’t enter the pit with the demi-human chieftain right away.

Take the passage to the north into a bigger cavern where you will face additional demi-humans. Among the bodies within the cavern are Arteria Leaf, Sliver of Meat, and a Coil Shield.

Now go back to the area where you saw the Demi-Human Chieftain and defeat it. Lump of Flesh will be found on a corpse in the corner. From there, the mist gate will lead you to the Demi-Human Queen Magot boss’ chamber.

How to Defeat Demi-Human Queen Margot

Margot is an easy opponent. She will not use any magic attacks and is possessed by bestial madness. She will strike you and pound the ground with her staff. Her staff assaults are all clearly scripted and can be easily avoided. Because the cavern is big, you can also keep your distance.

After a while, Margot will throw her staff at you and turn to swiping and smashing attacks with her limbs. She will also leap and attempt to bite her opponent, but her general pace remains constant, and she has plenty of opportunities in between her slow strikes.

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