Elden Ring Vagabond Builds Guide

This Elden Ring guide will help you build your character if you started with Vagabond class by outlining some great builds.

Elden Ring offers multiple classes to start with. This Elden Ring guide will help you build your character if you started with Vagabond class by outlining some great builds.

Elden Ring Vagabond Class Builds

The vagabond is a starter class that offers you a great set of stats and gear to start with. It emphasizes melee, so gives you excellent vigor, strength and dexterity stats whilst compromising on faith, intelligence and arcane.

Below we’ve outlined some builds you can spec into when building off the Vagabond class in Elden Ring.

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Vagabond End Game Strength Build

Flask Usage: 2 FP, rest HP

Weapon: Grafted Blade Greatsword or Ruins Greatsword

Shield: Dragonclaw Great Shield

Armor: Radahn Set

Stats: Strength and Vigor (Primary), Dexterity and Endurance (secondary)

Talismans: Erdtree’s Favor, Great Jar’s Arsenal

Skills: Wave of Destruction, Strike

Vagabond Quality Build

Flask Spread: Single FP and all other for HP

Weapon: Bloodhound Fang and any Curved Sword

Shield: Any shield with No Skill on it

Primary Stats: Strength and Dexterity

Skills: Ashes of War: Bloody Slash

Talisman: Carian Filigreed Crest, Blessed Dew Talisman

Vagabond Summoner Build

Flask Spread: 2 FP and rest HP

Weapon: Bloodhound Fang

Shield: Any shield with No Skill on it

Primary Stats: Vigor and Dexterity

Spells: Mimic Tear, Jellyfish

Best Stats for Vagabond Builds

For Endgame Strength Build, you will be spec-ing a lot of points towards strength right up until late game. With around 50 strength and the required dexterity, get your endurance to 25 and invest everything else in Vigor.

With all its hefty requirements, the build also needs to have high Endurance to increase Equip Load, along with the aid of a Talisman. But with high Poise, you can power through multiple attacks and simply go berserk.

Quality Builds are the basic builds that almost all players pick on the first playthrough. Quality Builds are made by leveling both Strength and Dexterity side by side, allowing for higher damage as compared to only one stat, and also allowing players to wield a much larger arsenal of weapons.

For Vagabond, the starting stats are 14 Strength and 13 Dexterity, making him perfect for quality builds. You have good Vigor and Endurance, and enough Mind so you can use your weapons skills easily.

The Vagabond Summoner Build will focus on summoning the various powerful spirits in Elden Ring. While you require plenty of mind to be able to summon high FP spirits, we are mostly focused on Vigor as the main summon we will be using (Mimic Tear) a lot of HP in order to summon itself instead of FP.

Best Weapons for Vagabond Builds

For Endgame Strength Build, we will be using Ruins Greatsword. Continue with your starting gear and progress towards getting the Ruins Greatsword.

If you don’t know how to get the sword, just go back to the announcer area before Radahn’s fight after you defeat Radahn and talk to the NPC here. Then reload to the area to fight a boss granting you Ruins Greatsword. As far as the shield is concerned, we will use Dragonclaw Greatshield. The simple incorporation of Holy Damage in the Shield and the Strike skill makes it very useful.

For Vagabond Quality Build, we will be using Bloodhound Fang and any Curved Sword. Bloodhound Fang is a Great Curved Sword that you can get relatively early on in the game by going to Forlon Hound Evergaol and defeating the boss.

Along with that, we will use any curved sword with Ash of War: Bloody Slash for bleed damage. This does inflict some damage on the user as well, but the benefits are too much to miss out on. A single bleed hit deals massive damage and can help make quick work of bosses as well.

For Vagabond Summoner Build, we will use Bloodhound Fang. We will be using Summons mostly. If you want the mimic on support, equip a bow or crossbow before the summon.

If you want a warrior mimic, equip the best weapons and shield you want before the summon. Mimic also uses the weapon arts and skills of the weapon it is holding, so make sure you use this to your benefit.

Best Armor for Vagabond Builds

For Endgame Strength Build, we will use Radahn set. You can get this armor by defeating Radahn, one of the main bosses of the game in Redmane Castle. After defeating Radahn, go to the witch next to the Two Fingers at the Round table to get the armor.

For Vagabond Quality Build, you can choose any armor that suits your game style.

For Vagabond Summoner Build, you can use armor that suits your game style.

Best Talismans for Vagabond Builds

For Endgame Strength Build, you need the best talismans to support your heavy gear. For this, use the Erdtree’s Favor Talisman and Great Jar’s Arsenal, both of which increase your equipment load limit.

For Vagabond Quality Build, since most of the build depends on using Skills, and since we are not focusing on the Mind stat, Carian Filigreed Crest helps lower FP consumption for weapon skills and allows you to be more aggressive.

The Blessed Dew Talisman allows you to counter the effect of the Bloody Slash to some extent, but it can always be switched out to anything you prefer.

For Vagabond Summoner Build, you can use talismans that suit your playstyle style.

Best Spells for Vagabond Builds

For Endgame Strength Build you won’t be focusing on using many spells but you may want some points in faith and int to at least use “Flame Cleanse Me” a useful utility incantation.

For Vagabond Quality Build, you can use spells of your own choice such as the aforementioned Flame Cleanse Me utility spell.

For Vagabond Summoner Build, you can pickup some spells to use while your summon tanks a foe or to give your mimic a powerful equipped spell. However, our focus in on using spirits so we’ll be mentioning those here.

You start the build like any other, simply leveling up to get to the basic requirements to use your weapon effectively. For this build, you cannot miss out on the Summoning Bell. You can get it from Ranni the witch for free from the Church of Elleh after you get the steed whistle or buy it from the merchant in Roundtable Hold.

After you have acquired your first summon from Roderika in Stormhill Shack, or bought the Wolf Summon from the Roundtable Merchant, you should start exploring catacombs in the starting areas to get Gloveworts.

After you have enough, get the Chrysalid’s Memento and follow Roderika’s quest to get her to start spirit tuning at the Roundtable Hold. You can now upgrade your spirits by using the collected Gloveworts.

For this build, we recommend that you progress fast to get the Mimic Tear Summon. This allows you to be light on your FP, and Mimic is also the strongest Summon in the entire game.

Your main focus is to call any summon to the fight, and then let them distract the enemies. This allows you a breathing room to either heal, use items or even deal damage with the enemy focus on the summon.

We recommend using either the jellyfish or the Mimic mainly. Jellyfish is a Tanky Summon and can distract the enemy for a longer time. However, the main summon you will use is the Mimic Tear, a summon that takes on your entire build and you get a replica of you fighting by your side.

Best Skills for Vagabond Builds

For Endgame Strength Build, the Wave of Destruction deals high poise damage and will enough range for you to strike safely. The Strike Skill on your shield lets you go on the offensive even when defending. You can deal all types of damage to your enemies. Magic, Holy, and High Physical.

For Vagabond Quality Build, we will be using Ash of War: Bloody Slash for bleed damage. The skill of the sword allows you to go in for an initial strike, then automatically roll back and follow up with another strike. this skill is very good for punishing the single hit strong attacks by many enemies and even bosses. You will automatically dodge back, getting away from the attack and then counter with a devastating blow of your own.

For Vagabond Summoner Build, you can use skills that suit your playstyle, since your spirits will be doing most of the heavy lifting

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