Elden Ring Stealth Build

Unlike previous From Software games, stealth is a viable option in Elden Ring and even promoted at various points in the game. Stealth can make your life and the game much easier, and you can sneak up on enemies and simply one-shot them most of the time. This guide will help you build your Stealth Ninja build in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Stealth Ninja Build

Though stealth in a From Software game is somewhat unheard of, Elden Ring does a great job of integrating stealth in the game and actually making it worth using and investing in. Here is a build that uses stealth to become the Elden Lord.

Weapon: Reduvia

Armor: Black Knife Armor

Stats: Vigor(Primary), Dexterity(Secondary)

Talismans: Crepus’ Vial, Concealing Vial

Spell: Unseen Form

Best Stats for Stealth Ninja Build

Vigor and Dexterity are the primary and Secondary stats for Stealth Ninja Build in Elden Ring. Vigor will help you maintain your HP at a good rate as the main goal is to stay alive as long as possible.

As for Dexterity, it will help you control the rate at which you wield your weapons at the enemy.

  • Vigor:42
  • Mind:28
  • Endurance:15
  • Strength:18
  • Dexterity:23
  • Intelligence:7
  • Faith:50
  • Arcane:16

Best Weapons For Stealth Ninja Build

The best weapon for the Stealth Ninja Build in Elden Ring is Reduvia. This weapon will help you back stab the enemies which result in causing a lot of damage to the enemies and a lot of blood loss as well.

Best Armor For Stealth Ninja Build

The best Armor for Stealth Ninja build is the Black Knife Armor. Equipping the entire Black Knife Armor reduces the noise you make, especially while you’re crouching.

Best Talismans For Stealth Ninja Build

The best Talismans for Stealth Ninja build in Elden Ring is the Crepus’s Vial. With the Black Knife armor, reduces all sound made by your character. This allows you to even jump and run small distances without getting spotted by enemies.

Best Spells For Stealth Ninja Build

The best Spell for Stealth Ninja build in Elden Ring is Unseen form spell. This build uses the Unseen Form spell that makes your character invisible for a brief period. Do note that being invisible doesn’t mean enemies won’t notice you.

If you get too close to their faces, they will notice something and start coming toward you. You’ll have to back away to let them lose interest before heading back in.

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