Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Walkthrough

Sealed Tunnel is another dungeon that players can encounter within the Altus Plateau region. The following Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel...

Sealed Tunnel is another dungeon that players can encounter within the Altus Plateau region. The following Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel guide will walk players through its location, its loot, and strategies they need to defeat its enemies and bosses in Elden Ring.

How to Get to Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring

Sealed Tunnel can be found by going to the Altus Plateau region. Move inside the huge walls to access the Southern part of the Altus region.

Going onto the cliff, you can see a shallow lake from above. Now, run down the slope to reach the lake and you can see a tunnel from here clearly. Just approach the tunnel opening and activate the Site of Grace to move inside the tunnel.

Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Walkthrough

Attacking the tunnel will make an opening, thus providing a path to walk into. The second path can be found behind the chest which contains Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing. Moving ahead a little, you will find a lift that you can use to go down.

You will find some new ways to be discovered right when you reach the middle of the path down here. You can return to the main path any time you want by jumping onto the wooden structures or platforms easily.

Once you get down and reach the end of the path, you will find a mist wall that is followed by another wall. The second wall will have Golden Rune (5) at its front. Now, you will enter the next section of this tunnel which is much bigger as well. Here, try to be on the top of wooden platforms to deal with the enemies successfully.

There is a pit below this point where you will meet Abductor virgin. Towards the path at the right, you can see Stonesword Key and a Golden Pickled Fowl Foot on the roots that pass through this path.

Try to ambush the Abductor Virgins, so you break the statue to get access to Smithing Stones (6). The wall standing at this point contains Rune Arc, Golden Run (1), three Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and a Somber Smithing Stone (5).

Moving forward from here and reaching the end of the path, you will find an Abnormal Stone Cluster behind the pieces of broken structures situated in an opening full of darkness that blasts suddenly. Moving behind this point, you will find a mist wall. So, follow this path and climb the roots to reach another area where you will have to jump down.

At this point make your jumps easier by making shorter jumps. You will meet the boss Onyx Lord after jumping into the bottom area and reaching the boss arena.

How to Defeat Olynx Lord Boss

Players can easily defeat this boss as he comes with a limited number of moves that are easy to dodge. For melee users, players should prefer to fight towards the edge of the arena, as the middle contains some uneven surface which can cause his meteorites to hit you more effectively with a lot of splash damage.

Olynx Lord has three main attack patterns: Meteorite, Slice and Dice, and Lightning Orb. Meteorite takes time to launch. During the winding animation, you can move behind him to get in good amounts of damage.

Lightning Orb initiates an orb of lightning and fires it at you. This attack on the other hand comes at you quite quickly and hence, you need to quickly dodge.

As far as his Slice and Dice attack is concerned, he will first make a diagonal dash towards the left side before slashing upwards. This is followed by a large sweeping attack towards the opposite side. Dodge the first slash by moving to his right and you will now move to his back, thus you can also prevent yourself from the second slash.

For ranged users, they have the advantage of being out of range of his sword attack, so you can easily avoid this attack due to AoE issue. Since Meteorites take time to launch, ranged players can use this time to hit the boss.

You can easily avoid the first slash of Slice and Dice attack by maintaining proper distance. To avoid the second slash, make sure to move towards the right side in a diagonal position after tackling the first slash. Now, you can also hit him during the recovery time.

By defeating this boss, you can get Olynx Lord’s Greatsword. So, get ready to set out for an exciting journey through this tunnel.

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