How to Roll Faster in Elden Ring

To roll faster in Elden Ring, you need to reduce your equip load. The lower equip load you have, the faster you'll roll. We explain here!

In Elden Ring, the most efficient way to avoid taking damage is to roll out of the way. All the armor and protective items only negate damage to a certain degree. You’ll still take damage when you get hit regardless of how heavy an armor you wear. Thus the best way to avoid taking damage is to dodge and roll out of the way. However, to do so you need to ensure that your Equip Load is below a certain threshold in order to roll effectively.

In order to roll faster, you first need to understand how the mechanic works in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring roll mechanic explained

In Elden Ring, there is a limit for carrying the maximum load of equipment. This load is determined by the weight of the weapons, armor, and shields you have equipped at a time. The lighter the items, the lower the equip load. Your equip load is tied with the Endurance skill. If you level up your Endurance skill, you’ll be able to increase your equip load.

The roll speed is directly tied to the equipment load. The more equipment load you have, the slower you’ll roll. And that means, you’ll be at a greater risk of getting damaged regardless of rolling. Rolling with a greater equip load also requires more stamina. Meaning you won’t have much stamina left for attacks.

There are three kinds of rolls that you can perform depending on how much equipment load your character has:

  • You’ll perform a faster, light roll if your character has an equipment load is less than 30
  • You’ll perform a slightly slower, medium roll if the equipment load is between 30 to 70
  • You’ll perform a slower, heavy roll if the equipment load is greater than 70

How to roll faster

In order to roll faster in Elden Ring, you need to ensure that your equipment load is as low as possible. You can do this by equipping lighter armor, weapons, and shields. Alternatively, you can choose to forgo wearing armor at all which gives you the fastest rolling speed in the game.

However, if you wish to wear armor and still be able to roll appropriately then you can level up your Endurance stat. With a higher Endurance stat, you’ll ensure that your character can effectively equip heavier items and maintain a lower equipment load. You’ll be able to roll faster without giving up on protective capability.

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