How To Get The Kaiden Set In Elden Ring 

In Elden Ring, Kaiden Set is an awesome-looking armor that can be a pain to acquire. Luckily, we have made this guide to make things easier!

The Kaiden Armor set in Elden Ring is one of the many stylish armors sets you can find in the game. This armor is worn by the Kaiden Sellwords and as such can be farmed from them. 

The Kaiden Armor set is medium-weighted and best used by the samurai class with the Katana or the Sword of Night and Flame as the weapon. We will now look into where you can find the Kaiden armor and what stats it provides in Elden Ring. 

Where to find the Kaiden Set in Elden Ring 

All four of the Kaiden Armor set pieces, as discussed earlier, are dropped by the Kaiden Sellswords. They are normally found either mounted on horses or on foot in many parts of Limgrave.  

Kaiden Set farming location in ELden Ring

You can also find about 4 to 5 Kaiden Sellswords in a camp located to the Northwest of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. This location will be in the middle of this Site of Grace and the Murkwater Coast Site of Grace, shown in the yellow circle on the map.

In the camp, there are about 2 mounted Kaiden Sellswords and 3 Kaiden Sellswords on foot. Of the three Sellswords on foot, one is by the campfire and can easily be missed because he will not attack as you approach him.

You will also find wolves in and around the camp which will attack you. This is the best location to farm the Kaiden Armor set in Elden Ring. 

Best way to farm Kaiden Set pieces In Elden Ring

Using the Camp and the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace, you can farm for the Kaiden Armor by killing the Kaiden Sellswords in and near the camp, going back to the Site of Grace to rest here and reset the Kaiden Sellswords and finally going back to the camp to defeat them again. 

The ones on foot will be easy to kill but the mounted Kaiden Sellswords can be challenging since their horse can attack too. The best way to take them out is to roll to the side and stick close to them, and then attack them. Kill their horses first and then the Sellswords when they fall down.

This set has a drop rate of 3% per set piece including the weapon, the Dismounter. You can increase this by equipping the Silver Scarab talisman or any other item which boosts the Item discovery stat.

This will force the game to drop pieces of the Kaiden Armor set more frequently and make farming much easier for you.

Kaiden Set stats

The Kaiden Armor has 20.8 weight. It has fairly decent protection for a wide range of attacks. you can find this armor in the early game because the Kaiden Sellswords camp is near the Gatefront Site of Grace. So, it is an ideal choice for early game protection. 

The Kaiden Armor provides protection of 23.5 against physical attacks, 17.6 against strike attacks, 23.5 against slash attacks, 23.5 against pierce attacks, 16 against magical attacks, 17.6 against Fire attacks, 14.6 against Lightning attacks, and 16 against Holy attacks. 

The Kaiden armor set also provides Immunity of 60, Robustness of 118, Focus of 33, Vitality of 33, and Poise of 39

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