Elden Ring At Gamescom Might Not Be Happening, Bandai Namco Has No Comment

Last week, a rumor came out claiming that journalists would be seeing a closed doors demo From Software’s new game Elden Ring at Gamescom. Now, however, we might not be seeing the game at all, whether it’s a closed-doors demo or a public reveal. Bandai Namco also refuses to commend on rumors and speculation.

Elden Ring is the next game in From Software’s catalogue after the release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice earlier this year. First unveiled at E3, the game not only includes From Software and the Dark Souls team, but also the writing talents of George R. R. Martin for worldbuilding.

We’ve barely heard anything about Elden Ring before now except for rumors, like how it will be an open-world RPG game that appears to be based in Celtic mythology. However, there’s no indications of a release date, any new trailers, or anything else.

The game might end up being similar to Sekiro, which didn’t get an actual reveal trailer until E3 2018, when it had previously been teased at the Game Awards back in December of 2017. Elden Ring, which only got a reveal trailer at E3 this year, might end up the same way.

The possibility of us not seeing Elden Ring at Gamescom is also supported by the fact that Bandai Namco has also unveiled the games it will be bringing to Gamescom, and Elden Ring was not among them. It may be a good while longer before we can see anything related to Elden Ring at all.

We’ll just have to wait and see if anything else this year gives us any new knowledge about Elden Ring, whether it’s Gamescom, Paris Games Week, the Game Awards, or something next year like E3 2020.

Either way, considering all the experience that From Software has got since the first Souls game way back with Demon’s Souls, even if we don’t see Elden Ring at Gamescom hopefully when we do see it, it will blow Dark Souls and Sekiro out of the water.

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