How To Get Cuckoo Knight Set In Elden Ring

There are five Cuckoo Knights in Elden Ring that you can kill to get all four armor pieces of the Cuckoo Knight Set.

The Cuckoo Knight armor set offers exceptional physical and magical defensive stats in Elden Ring.

The armor set has an attractive red and blue contrast for an amazing knightly appearance, with a navy blue plume covering its sleek helm.

This armor is worn by the Cuckoo Knights in Elden Ring, meaning that the only way you’re getting this set is by killing them.

Where to find the Cuckoo Knight armor set in Elden Ring

There are five Cuckoo Knights in Elden Ring that you can kill to get the complete Cuckoo Knight Set. Take note that you have a 3 percent chance of looting a set piece after killing a Cuckoo Knight enemy.

Cuckoo Knight map locations in Elden Ring

Head towards the road North of East Raya Lucaria Site of Grace. Upon reaching there, you will come across the first knight mounted on a horse. After defeating the knight, you also need to defeat the horse as they both have separate health bars.

The next knight will be encountered directly ahead near the herd of sheep. Similarly, the third one can be found a little north of the current location. For the fourth knight, you need to make your way to the forest Northwest of Bellum Highway.

If you follow the Bellum Highway to the end, you will find the fifth knight on top of a massive pile of debris. The last knight will be surrounded by several mini cuckoo guards which will help him during the fight.

While farming all of the Cuckoo Knight armor pieces can take a bit of time in Elden Ring, you can speed that up by equipping the Silver Scarab to boost item discovery.

Cuckoo Knight Set stats

The Cuckoo Knight Set boasts respectable damage negation and resistance in tElden Ring. The Robustness attribute of the helm is also high which can help absorb damage from all the incoming attacks.

Similar to the helm, the stats for Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves follow the same trend here. The physical protection against slash is also high making it one of the best armors to wear against enemies that deal this type of damage.

A detailed breakdown of the Cuckoo Knight Set’s stats is given as follows. 

Damage Negation

  • Phy: 13.5
  • Vs Strike: 11.4
  • Vs Slash: 14.6
  • Vs Pierce: 13.5
  • Magic: 12.4
  • Fire: 11.9
  • Light: 8.8
  • Holy: 10.2


  • Immunity: 32
  • Robustness: 57
  • Focus: 24
  • Vitality: 24
  • Poise: 19
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