How To Get Cuckoo Knight Armor In Elden Ring

If you come across Cuckoo Knights in Liurnia of the Lakes, know that their Cuckoo Knight armor set is obtainable in Elden Ring. The following guide will explain how to collect all four pieces of the Cuckoo Knight armor set (Helm, Chest, Gauntlets, and Leg) in Elden Ring.

How To Get Cuckoo Knight Armor In Elden Ring

The Cuckoo Knight armor set offers exceptional physical and magical defensive stats. The armor set has an attractive red and blue contrast for an amazing knightly appearance, with a navy blue plume covering its sleek helm. The Order of Cuckoo Knight also has their own Cuckoo Greatshield in Elden Ring, which provides extraordinarily strong magic damage.

You must first find and farm Cuckoo Knights. These are humanoid enemies that patrol the Bellum Highway in North Liurnia.

Start by obtaining the Academy Glintstone Key from Dragon Smarag’s island which is located west of Raya Lucaria. The Academy Glintstone Key will allow you to go from the Raya Lucaria Gate in the south to the Main Academy Gate in the north through the portal of the South Raya Lucaria Gate.

Enter the portal to the East Raya Lucaria Gate and then head northeast from the site of grace to come across the four Cuckoo Knights. Three of them will be mounted while the fourth one will be sitting by the ruins.

Take note that the mounted Cuckoo Knight on the road only spawns during the day. If you approach him during the night, he will be placed with the Night’s Cavalry. Even if you defeat the Night’s Cavalry, you’ll still have to come during the day to find the same knight for the Cuckoo Knight armor.

Cuckoo Knight Armor Attributes

Damage Negation

  • Phy: 13.5
  • Vs Strike: 11.4
  • Vs Slash: 14.6
  • Vs Pierce: 13.5
  • Magic: 12.4
  • Fire: 11.9
  • Light: 8.8
  • Holy: 10.2


  • Immunity: 32
  • Robustness: 57
  • Focus: 24
  • Vitality: 24
  • Poise: 19

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