How To Get Azur’s Glintstone Staff In Elden Ring

Azur's Glintstone Staff is an awesome staff in Elden Ring that shaves down casting time for spell. Here is how to get it!

In Elden Ring, the Azur’s Glintstone Staff is a late-game weapon with high stat requirements that belongs to a master sorcerer named Azur.

The Azur’s Glintstone Staff reduces the time taken by the spells to be cast at the cost of increased FP. This Staff is a must-have in PvP fights because you can cast spells faster and destroy the enemy before he has a chance to fight back. 

The Azur’s Glintstone Staff is not found easily. Read on to learn where you can find the Elden Ring Azur’s Glintstone Staff and what are its upgrade stats. 

Azur’s Glintstone Staff location in Elden Ring 

The Azur’s Glintstone Staff is located in the Church of Cuckoo. To get there you will have to use the Debate Parlour Site of Grace. From here, go to the Church by following the instructions given below. 

In the Debate Parlour site of grace, you will have to move out of the boss room. When out, turn left and move up the rubble and then up the stairs. At the end of the stairs, turn left and jump down from the railing to the bottom of another set of stairs. 

Climb up the stairs again and in the end, turn left. There will be a corpse on a railing. From that railing, jump down onto the roof and continue along the length of the roof until you find two enemies. 

Kill the enemies then turn right. There will be a ladder that will go up. Climb up and then continue towards the clock tower while avoiding the enemies and the mage’s attacks. When you are near the Clocktower, move to the back using the ledge to the right. 

In the back of the clock tower jump down to the rooftop. From here (facing West) jump down to the rooftops and turn left and jump down two rooftops until you find a ledge, down to the right of you. 

Move along the ledge and then jump towards the Church of Cuckoo. On the Church, look for a broken window and climb into the Church.

Here you will have to descend to the ground level using the planks and chandelier. From where you have entered the Church, you can find the Academy Glintstone Key flashing on a corpse. 

When you are on the chandelier, jump to the eastern part of the Church and then move north. There will be a lot of mages here and due to the small space of the walkways, you cannot easily dodge their attacks.  

In the northeastern part of the Church, there will be an archway. This archway is guarded by the High Page. After killing him and then moving on into the room, you can find the Azur’s Glintstone Staff on the ground next to the School of Graven Mages in Elden Ring.

The map image below shows the whole path that you are going to be taking here.

Azur’s Glintstone Staff upgrades and stats

The Azur’s Glintstone Staff, as discussed earlier, reduces the time it takes to casts spells at the cost of increased FP usage. Other than that, it does not have any Skill on it and adopts the skill you use on it.  

The Azur’s Glintstone Staff can’t be infused with Asher of War or buffed using Magic in Elden Ring. It can be upgraded using Somber Smithing Stones. The Staff requires 10 strength and 52 intelligence to use it. it has a D scaling for Strength and B for intelligence. 

It increases the casting speed of spells by about 8% to 9%. This speed bonus is also applied to staves or seals on the other hand. 

This increase in speed of casting does not work on the Dragon Communion Incantations and the Scarlet Rot. But other than that, this staff’s bonus applies to all spells. The cost of the spells increases by around 20%. 

The stats of Azur’s Glintstone Staff are as follows. 

Attack Power 

Physical Attack: 24 

Can be upgraded to a maximum of 58. 

Sorcery Scaling: 151- 187 

Can be upgraded to a maximum of 254-362 

Critical: 100 

Damage Reduction (%) 

Physical Defense: 25 
Magic Defense: 15 
Fire Defense: 15 
Lightening Defense: 15 
Holy Defense: 15 

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