EA Doesn’t Care About EA Access On PS4, Happy With Xbox One

EA says that EA Access on PS4 doesn't matter and they are fully satisfied with its performance on Xbox One.

Last year, EA started EA Access service on Xbox One, the service offered players early access to EA titles, discounts and more.

Since its launch, EA Access has been a pretty big success and many expected EA to bring it to PlayStation 4 as well. However, the company says that EA Access on PS4 “doesn’t matter.”

EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore said:

It’s on Xbox One, and those customers love it. We have analytics on everything these days, and subscriber satisfaction rates are through the roof. EA Access customers get to play more, because of the Vault, they get to play early, ahead of general release date, and they get to pay less because of the discounts it offers.

EA isn’t the only one who doesn’t care about EA Access on PS4, Sony feels the same way. In fact, back when the service was announced Sony said they feel it doesn’t offer the level of value PS Plus does, so there is no point for it to be available on their platform.

PS Plus is doing well and EA Access would have been unnecessary competition for Sony’s service; so I consider it a very smart business decision.

Do you miss EA Access on PS4? Or is PS Plus enough for you?

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