Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Events Unlocks Guide

There are a total of 17 events that can be unlocked in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires. Following is a quick overview of everything you need to do in order to unlock these events.

Do note that events which require completion of Chain Requests require completion of low-level requests first before moving on to high-level requests.

You simply need to start the game as a free officer.

Founding a Country
You need to form an army followed by using it to raise a kingdom.

This requires a current ruler to quit and choose your character as a successor. You may require a relationship of A or above to make it a little easier.

For this, you need to have S rank with an officer of opposite gender. Once this is done, simply confess to the officer and he or she will confess back.


You shall receive an option to get married after a successful confession. Check ‘Confession’ for more details on how to make a successful confession.

Oath Brothers
For this, you need to have S rank with an officer.

This requires you failing at a rebellion or willingly handing over a territory to an enemy faction while playing as a governor.

The Skillful Assassin
You need to complete the final mission of the Assassination Request Chain which requires killing a Marshal.

The Looter of Chaos
You need to complete the final mission of the Thief Request Chain which requires stealing from the National Treasury.

The Strongest Mercenaries
You need to complete the final mission of the Rescue Request Chain which requires rescuing a city.

Pinnacle of Might
You need to complete the final mission of the Hunt Request Chain which requires killing a vagabond army with one of the following officers under your command: Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Pang De, Yu Jin, Gan Ning, Taishi Ci, Lu Meng, Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Xiahou Ba, Wen Yang, Lu Bu, Meng Huo, and Lu Lingqi.

Reliable Guardian
You need to complete the final mission of the Protection Request Chain which requires defending a Marshal.

Bandit Chief
You need to complete at least 5 missions from each of Robbery, Thieving, and Assassination request type missions.

Declaration of the Final Battle
This is pretty simple! You need to start a battle which can win you the game.

Wealthy Country
I’m not sure about the exact figure, but reportedly, having an X number of cities in your faction unlocks this event. There are also some people who simply built 6 Blacksmiths and Item Shops to unlock it.

The Capitalist
You need to have a nation with an Evilness of 1 and 99,999 Gold.

Successful Revolution
As the name suggests, simply carry out a successful revolution to unlock this.

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