Dying Light Skills Guide

Detailed breakdown of Dying Light Skills, Perks, XP required to unlock Skills and Perks, Character Progression.

Dying Light features three separate skill trees centered around three very distinct facets of Kyle Crane’s abilities. These skill trees are Survivor Skills, Agility Skills, and Power Skills. These skill trees are further broken down into three tiers: novice, adept, and Expert. 

In this guide, we’ll go over the best skills in each tier of Dying Light, along with their requirements. Additionally, we’ll also cover the two DLC skill trees (Driver Skills and Legend Skills)

It is important to note that each tree progresses differently, and you’ll only have access to the Driving Skills skill tree if you have the Enhanced Edition or the Platinum Edition of Dying Light. Furthermore, you can not reset or edit skills, so pick wisely.

Survivor Skills

Survivor Skills dictate how good you are at crafting items and weapons that aid you in combat. Investing in this skill tree means you’ll be better equipped to take down infected. This Skill tree can be progressed by playing the game, completing challenges, and helping survivors.

Novice Survivor Skills

NameUnlock RequirementsPassive/ActiveEffects
Survival Starter KitSurvivor Level 2ActiveAllows you to craft basic survival equipment including Molotov Cocktails, Lockpicks, and more.
BackpackerSurvivor Level 3 + Survival Starter KitPassiveGrants you four additional weapon slots and extra backpack space.
BoostersSurvivor Level 3 + Survival Starter KitActiveAllows you to craft and equip boosters that grant you additional speed and better vision in the darkness.
Elemental Throwing StarsSurvivor Level 4 + Survival Starter KitActiveAllows you to craft Throwing Stars with various status effects including burning, exploding, and paralyzing.
BarterSurvivor Level 4 + Survival Starter KitPassiveReduces shop prices by 10%.
Master BackpackerSurvivor Level 6 + BackpackerPassiveGrants you six additional weapon slots and 14 additional gear slots.
Booster XLSurvivor Level 6 + BoostersPassiveEnhances the effects of Boosters.
HaggleSurvivor Level 8 + BarterPassiveReduces shop prices by an additional 10%.
DIY GrenadesSurvivor Level 8 + Elemental Throwing StarsActiveAllows you to craft Grenades with various status effects including Bleeding, Shrapnel, and Toxic.
Trap BombsSurvivor Level 11 + DIY GrenadesActiveAllows you to craft bombs that explode after attracting enemies.
Hard BargainSurvivor Level 11 + HagglePassiveIncreases the amount of money you receive for selling items.

Adept Survivor Skills

NameUnlock RequirementsPassive/ActiveEffects
Crafting ExpertiseSurvivor Level 5PassiveGrants you additional units of any item you craft.
Electric FencesSurvivor Level 7 + Crafting ExpertiseActiveAllows you to craft Electrical Fence Traps.
Lucky RepairSurvivor Level 7 + Crafting ExpertisePassiveReduces the chance of repair slots being used when repairing weapons.
Shield MasterySurvivor Level 8 + Crafting ExpertiseActiveAllows you to craft shields.
CamouflageSurvivor Level 9ActiveAllows you to use dead bodies to hide yourself from infected.
Exploding CarsSurvivor Level 10 + Electric FencesActiveAllows you to craft exploding car bombs that blow upon contact with infected.
Nimble HandsSurvivor Level 10 + Lucky RepairPassiveAllows you to search corpses quicker and acquire better loot.
Shield CraftingSurvivor Level 11 + Shield MasteryActiveAllows you to craft shields with various status effects like Electricity, Blast, and Stun.
Camouflage AttackSurvivor Level 12 + CamouflagePassiveInfected will not be able to detect you when you attack with this perk active.

Expert Survivor Skills

NameUnlock RequirementsPassive/ActiveEffects
Grappling HookSurvivor Level 12ActiveGrants you access to the Grappling Hook.
SpecialistSurvivor Level 13 + Grappling HookPassiveIncreases the chance of critical hits with crafted items.
CraftsmanSurvivor Level 14 + Grappling HookPassiveIncreases elemental damage output of crafted items.
Ultimate SurvivorSurvivor Level 25 + Grappling HookPassiveIncreases health by +25 and allows you to use Grappling Hooks, Shields, and Camouflages more effectively.

Agility Skills

This skill tree is all about movement and defense. It grants you abilities both inside and outside of combat including the ability to dodge and use grappling hooks to get around the world faster. The Agility skill tree can be progressed by simply using parkour skills, and doing parkour challenges.

Novice Agility Skills

NameUnlock RequirementsPassive/ActiveEffects
DodgeAgility Level 2ActiveAllows you to dodge enemy attacks using any direction.
GrappleAgility Level 3 + DodgeActiveAllows you to throw enemies using the Grappling Hook.
SlideAgility Level 3 + DodgeActiveAllows you to slide while running.
DropkickAgility Level 4 + DodgeActiveGrants you the ability to perform a Dropkick while running.
VaultAgility Level 4 + DodgeActiveAllows you to vault over enemies and different objects.
Health RegenAgility Level 5 + DodgePassiveGrants you the ability to recover health automatically once you fall below a certain threshold.
Leg BreakerAgility Level 6 + SlideActiveAllows you to break an enemy’s leg when sliding.
Dropkick BombAgility Level 7 + SlidePassiveIncreases the damage of Dropkicking by 3 times.
Vault StunAgility Level 8 + VaultPassiveAllows you to stun an enemy for five seconds when you vault over them.
Brutal GrappleAgility Level 9 + GrapplePassiveEnemies thrown by Grapple Hooks get knocked out.

Adept Agility Skills

NameUnlock RequirementsActive/PassiveEffects
Freerunning AdeptAgility Level 5PassiveAllows you to climb and run faster.
EscapeAgility Level 5 + Freerunning AdeptActiveGrants you the ability to push off Biters quickly and you take less damage from them.
Light DropAgility Level 6 + Freerunning AdeptPassiveReduces fall damage by -50% but you still die from high drops.
BacklashAgility Level 7 + Freerunning AdeptActiveAllows you to use weapons and UV Flashlights while looking back as you sprint.
Instant EscapeAgility Level 9 + EscapeActiveGrants you the ability to push off Biters instantly without taking any damage.
Forward RollAgility Level 10 + Light DropActiveAllows you to roll when you fall from a height negating fall damage and reducing recovery time.
TackleAgility Level 10 + Freerunning AdeptPassiveGrants you the ability to tackle enemies while sprinting.
RamAgility Level 11 + TackleActiveAllows you to deal increased damage when tackling.
ReversalAgility Level 14 + Instant EscapePassiveBiters whom you escape from become stunned for a while.

Expert Agility Skills

NameUnlock RequirementPassive/ActiveEffects
Freerunning ExpertAgility Level 12PassiveIncreases effectiveness of climbing and running.
Tic TacAgility Level 13 + Freerunning ExpertActiveGrants you the ability to wall-run.
Health Regen IIAgility Level 13 + Freerunning ExpertPassiveAllows you to regenerate more HP when low on health and increases the minimum threshold.
Ultimate RunnerAgility Level 24 + Freerunning ExpertPassiveAllows you to perform running, sprinting, climbing and vaulting.

Power Skills

This skill tree centers solely around combat. It grants you damage multipliers and new moves to use against your foes. To progress this skill tree, simply engage in combat and make use of traps, furthermore, you can also complete strength challenges.

Novice Power Skills

NameUnlock RequirementPassive/ActiveEffects
StunPower Level 2ActiveIt increases your precision with blunt weapons and increases the chance to stun enemies.
Kick StunPower Level 3 + StunPassiveKicks have a 15% chance to stun enemies.
Multi-ThrowPower Level 3 + StunActiveYou can target up to three enemies at once and perform a multi-throw.
SturdinessPower Level 4 + StunPassiveIncreases health by +25 HP.
Melee ThrowPower Level 4 + StunActiveAllows you to throw melee weapons at enemies and then retrieve them.
BlastPower Level 9 + Multi-ThrowPassiveIncreases damage dealt by throwing weapons by 100%.
Stun KillPower Level 12 + Kick StunActiveAllows you to execute enemies when directly in front of them.

Adept Power Skills

NameUnlock RequirementPassive/ActiveEffects
Combat AdeptPower Level 5PassiveIncreases total stamina.
Conserve WeaponsPower Level 6 + Combat AdeptPassiveIncreases the durability of your weapons.
Power AttackPower Level 6 + Combat AdeptActiveAllows you to deal increased damage with one-handed melee attacks. (costs more stamina)
Drop AttackPower Level 7 + Combat AdeptActiveAllows you to use an airborne execution with a one-handed weapon.
Sturdiness IIPower Level 7 + Combat AdeptPassiveIncreases health by +25 HP.
FocusPower Level 8 + Conserve WeaponsPassiveAllows you to deal more damage with each consecutive hit.
WindmillPower Level 8 + Power AttackActiveAllows you to use a charged attack with a two-handed melee weapon.
StompPower Level 9 + Combat AdeptActiveAllows you to perform executions on downed enemies.
Ground PoundPower Level 10 + Drop AttackActiveGrants you the ability to attack enemies with two-handed weapons when airborne.
Kill FrenzyPower Level 11 + FocusPassiveIncreases your XP gain after every kill.
WhirlwindPower Level 11 + WindmillPassiveWindmill attacks stamina consumption gets reduced by -50%.
SlamPower Level 14 + Ground PoundPassiveIncreases the damage and range of Ground Pound.

Expert Power Skills

NameUnlock RequirementPassive/ActiveEffects
Combat ExpertPower Level 12PassiveReduces stamina consumption after attacking enemies.
Sturdiness IIIPower Level 13 + Combat ExpertPassiveIncreases health by +25 HP.
TakedownPower Level 13 + Combat ExpertActiveAllows you to get behind enemies and execute them.
Ultimate CombatantPower Level 24 + Combat ExpertPassiveIt grants you infinite stamina during combat

Driver Skills

Driver Skills are available in “The Following” DLC pack in Dying Light. They allow Kyle Crane to make use of cars to not only get around the map but also to take down hordes of infected. To level up this skill tree, complete driving challenges, run over enemies, and maintain high speeds.

Novice Driver Skills

NameUnlock RequirementPassive/ActiveEffects
Mechanic IDriver Level 2PassiveGrants you the ability to craft level 1 buggy parts.
Mechanic IIDriver Level 3 + Mechanic IPassiveGrants you the ability to craft level 2 buggy parts.
Car AlarmDriver Level 3 + Mechanic IActiveAllows you to craft car alarms that draw infected towards itself.
Remote ControlDriver Level 5 + Car AlarmActiveGives you the ability to make use of buggy upgrades when you’re not inside it.
NitroDriver Level 3 + Mechanic IActiveAdds a nitro boost to your buggy.
Nitro IIDriver Level 5 + NitroPassiveEnhances the effects of the nitro boost.
Reinforced Cage IDriver Level 4 + Mechanic IPassiveGrants you the ability to add a cage to your buggy that increases its defenses.
Reinforced Cage IIDriver Level 6 + Reinforced CagePassiveEnhances the effect of the reinforced cage.
Reinforced Cage IIIDriver Level 10 + Reinforced Cage IIPassiveEnhances the effect of the reinforced cage.
Mine DispenserDriver Level 4 + Mechanic IActiveAllows you to craft and deploy mines from your buggy.

Adept Driver Skills

NameUnlock RequirementPassive/ActiveEffects
Mechanic IIIDriver Level 5 + Mechanic IIPassiveGrants you the ability to craft level 3 buggy parts.
Ramming BarDriver Level 6 + Mechanic IIIPassiveAllows you to install a ramming bar to your buggy.
Reinforced Ramming BarDriver Level 10 + Ramming BarPassiveEnhances the effect of the ramming bar.
UV HeadlightsDriver Level 6 + Mechanic IIIActiveGrants you the ability to use UV lights on your buggy
UV Safe ZoneDriver Level 10 + UV HeadlightsActiveAllows you to create a safe space around your buggy using UV lights.
HandymanDriver Level 7 + Mechanic IIIPassiveReduces the chance of using components during repairs by 10%.
Offroad SuspensionDriver Level 6 + Mechanic IIIPassiveAllows you to travel more effectively on offroad terrain and reduces damage taken from burning and acid spills.
Fuel EfficiencyDriver Level 6 + Mechanic IIIPassiveEnhances the effectiveness of fuel.
Fuel Efficiency IIDriver Level 10 + Fuel EfficiencyPassiveFurther enhances the effectiveness of fuel.

Expert Driver Skills

NameUnlock RequirementPassive/ActiveEffects
Mechanic IVDriver Level 8 + Mechanic IIIPassiveGrants you the ability to craft level 4 buggy parts.
Mechanic VDriver Level 9 + Mechanic IVPassiveGrants you the ability to craft level 5 buggy parts.
Flame ThrowerDriver Level 9 + Mechanic IVActiveGrants you access to a flamethrower on your buggy.
Electric CageDriver Level 9 + Mechanic IVActiveGrants you access to an electric cage on your buggy.

Legend Skills

Legend Skills work slightly differently from the other four skill trees in Dying Light. Once you max out one of the standard skill trees above, you’ll be granted access to Legend Skills. Any subsequent XP actions/tasks you perform for the tree you’ve maxed out go into the legendary tree instead.

This Skill Tree does not have tiers and instead works on a percentage system. Once you rack up enough XP, you can increase the efficacy of any of the skills available in the tree. This can be done multiple times.

  • Health
  • Health Regeneration
  • Stamina
  • Stamina Regeneration
  • Throwing Weapons Damage
  • Bow Damage
  • Weapon Damage
  • Unarmed Damage
  • One-Handed Melee Weapon Damage
  • Two-Handed Melee Weapon Damage

Best Skills to Get Early in Dying Light

To make the initial segment of the game easy on yourself, you should invest in certain skills and skill trees, these are the best skills to get early in Dying Light:

  • Survival Starter Kit
  • Backpacker
  • DIY Grenades
  • Dodge
  • Grapple
  • Slide
  • Stun
  • Sturdiness
  • Blast

Best Skills in Dying Light

After you reach the latter half of the game, it is time to start thinking about your endgame skills. While natural progression will make you stronger, prioritizing these skills will make you unstoppable.

  • Specialist
  • Craftsman
  • Ultimate Survivor
  • Ultimate Runner
  • Tic Tac
  • Ultimate Combatant
  • Sturdiness III

If you wish not to grind out the game for the best skills, you can make use of Cheat Engines to give yourself your desired skills from the get-go.

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