Dream Daddy Amanda’s Bad Ending Guide – How to Achieve

In this Dream Daddy Amanda’s Bad Ending Guide, we will explain how you can obtain the bad ending in Dream Daddy. As mentioned before in our Dream Daddy Achievements Guide, this achievement was bugged and no matter which choices you made in the game, it would lead to the good ending.

However, with the newest update, this has been patched and Amanda’s bad ending can now be obtained. With this said, we have curated this Dream Daddy Amanda’s Bad Ending Guide so you can easily follow the steps mentioned here to unlock Amanda’s Bad Ending.

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Dream Daddy Amanda’s Bad Ending Guide

Dream Daddy Amanda’s Bad Ending Guide details everything that you need to know about unlocking Amanda’s Bad Ending. This ending was bugged previously hence rendering it impossible.

Dream Daddy Amanda’s Bad Ending

Unlocking Amanda’s Bad Ending

As suggested by the name, Amanda’s Bad ending is obtained when you become a bad dad with Amanda. When you take care of Amanda’s different needs, you earn Amanda Points.

Based on these Amanda Points, you unlock either type of ending. If you earn more than the set points, you will get the good ending because you have been good with Amanda and you have taken care of her. Now, for the bad ending, you want to make sure that you get lower Amanda Points than the set limit.

To make sure you earn very low Amanda points, remain the worst with Amanda on every step of the game. Do not take care of her needs and totally ignore her. Bring out your worst against Amanda and you will unlock the bad ending easily. During your gameplay, you will come at some critical choice moments. During such moments, you must pick the following choice.

  • I don’t like your attitude.
  • Good
  • You have to tell me what’s actually wrong.
  • Leave her alone.
  • I can believe it.
  • It’s kinda dumb

Choose these options when they come otherwise you will not unlock the bad ending. You can choose to date any dad that you would like. It does not change anything. Play the rest of the game as you would normally. All you need to make sure is that you be the worst dad in the world with Amanda.

Avoid talking with her, do not go out with her, give rude responses and totally ignore her always. This will make sure that you are earning almost near to none Amanda Points.

Keep these points in your mind and you will unlock Amanda’s Bad Ending without any problems.

This concludes our Dream Daddy Amanda’s Bad Ending Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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