How To Farm Dragon Souls In Skyrim

Collect those Dragon Souls and unlock the Dragon Shouts of your liking.

As the name suggests, Dragon Souls are the souls of dragons collected once players slay dragons. These collected souls can then be used to unlock words for Dragon Shouts.

The fastest way to earn Dragon Souls is by slaying as many dragons as possible, but that can be tiring at a point as you have to find dragons across the map and fight them. However, we have some tips to share with you so that you can Farm the Dragon Souls in Skyrim with relative ease.

Once you slay a dragon, you should automatically absorb the Dragon Soul, but if you are unable to absorb one, make sure that you aren’t at the maximum capacity of Dragon Souls in your inventory. In that case, you can consume some Dragon Souls in the inventory to unlock Dragon Shouts and make room for new Dragon Souls

Tips to Farm Dragon Souls in Skyrim

The obvious method to farm Dragon Souls is to slay dragons. Each dragon grants players with one Dragon Soul. Dragons can be found around Skyrim in various places, but there is a place where you can find a dragon every time you are there. After completing the main quest, “Diplomatic Immunity,” players can come to the College of Winterhold. You will find a dragon outside the college. Slay it to collect its soul. After that, go to sleep for more than 24 hours. Once you wake up, another dragon will be spawned in the same location. Kill it again and repeat the steps. This is one way of farming Dragon Souls.

The same process can be done when fast traveling from Dawnstar to Morthal. You will come across a dragon outside Morthal, slay it, and collect the soul. Fast travel back and forth between the two areas, and the dragon will respawn.

Another method of getting your hands on Dragon Souls (a good amount as well) is to complete the quest “Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.” In the quest, you will visit the tomb of Jurgen Windcaller. Once the quest is completed, you can return to the tomb to activate the horn and receive a free Dragon Soul. Make sure to spam your activate button when you are activating the horn. The longer you spam the activation button, the more amount of Dragon Souls you will be given for free.

unlimited dragon souls skyrim

Players can also use the console command to get as many Dragon Souls as they desire. Open the console command and type in player.forceav(space)dragonsouls(space)(amount of dragons souls) and then press Enter. This command automatically transfers the desired amount of dragon souls into your inventory.

How to Stop Miraak From Stealing Your Dragon Souls

Miraak steals the souls of the dragons once the Dragonborn slays them. This happens until Miraak is killed. The only way to stop Miraak from stealing the dragon souls that you have worked up for is to kill Miraak himself. There is no other way to stop him. Before his death, players are only able to obtain a small number of souls from all the dragons slain at the time (roughly 3 souls from 10 slayed dragons). The rest go into Miraak’s custody, but as soon as the Dragonborn kills Miraak, not only do you retrieve a good amount of Dragon Souls from Miraak, but you are also able to collect all the souls of the dragons you slay afterward.

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