Dragon Quest Builders Beginners Tips

For newer people to the franchise, we have the following Dragon Quest Builders Beginners Tips to get you started with the game.

Before you can jump in the game, we have some basic Dragon Quest Builders Beginners Tips, tricks and some helpful strategies that you must go through in order to become the best builder in the world. We have detailed information on how you can protect your town, completely different types of quests; manage inventories and many other important aspects of Dragon Quest Builders below.

Dragon Quest Builders Beginners Tips

Dragon Quest Builders is an RPG meets Minecraft type builder game and has been out of PS4 and PS Vita systems for quite some time. For newer people to the franchise, we have the following Dragon Quest Builders Tips to get you started with the game.

Build Walls Immediately

The first thing that you should do after setting up your town is to build walls around the perimeter to protect it. It will not be long before your town comes under siege by monsters and enemies.

Make sure that it is well protected by all sides. You can build gates for coming in and out. Building beefier walls will ensure that your town is well protected.

Building outer walls also ensure that you have a general idea of your town’s outline and you can then work inside these walls to build rooms and other town structures.

Normally you build walls up to two blocks high but just to be sure; you can increase it to three blocks, as they do not withstand much damage.

Another important bit is to upgrade the earth to stone as soon as you can because the earth is not much durable. It will fall easily. Your priority should be to upgrade to stone because the more secure your town is, the lesser you will be required to rebuild it after monster attacks.

Have a Centralized Collection Point

Since this is a builder game, much like Minecraft, you will be collecting a lot of materials and items for building different things.

With so many crafting materials in the game, things can get really confusing if you are not careful about managing them. The best way to store items in Dragon Quest Builders is to build a centralized storage.

With the help of a centralized storage, you can easily store anything that you have collected and you do not need it right away.

This will also save you the need of going out repeatedly for items. Even if you are far out and get some materials that you do not currently need, bring them back to your town and keep them in the storage for later use.

Also, in Terra incognita mode, build a Colossal Coffer to maximize inventory storage. An additional bonus of this storage space is that you can access it from any point during your adventure.

Complete Main Story Quests

There are different story-driven quests in Dragon Quest Builders. Since it is a combination of RPG and builder game, you also have access to these story quests that you need to complete.

Apart from having fun completing them and learning more about the world of Dragon Quest, these quests give you many different rewards.

These rewards range from new recipes to crafting materials, which are either rare or unique. You also get to build new things once you unlock them from these main quests. Apart from building your town, you must also ensure that you keep playing main story quests as well for rewards.

Get New Materials

You must try to obtain as many materials as possible. On your journeys, you will often come across new things that you have not seen before.

Always kill, hit or punch such things to get their crafting materials. Adding more materials in your inventory is always beneficial.

As you continue to unlock more materials, you will also get options to build and craft more items and structures. This is exceptionally helpful for the long-term sustainability of your town. Always look for new materials whenever you are out exploring the world of Dragon Quest Builders.

Complete Side Quests

Apart from main quests, you will also find many NPCs around the world that will give you small side quests. These could range from simple collection quests to killing savage monsters. Always find and complete these side quests as they will reward you.

They do not relate to the main story in a way or contribute to its completion, they are there for you to explore the world and have fun. On your journeys, try to find as many NPCs as possible and help them out for rewards and more exploration.

Climb Quickly

This little trick comes from Minecraft. You can use this little trick to climb quickly in Dragon Quest Builders too. To climb quickly, what you can do is hold R1, jump and then quickly place a block right after the jump.

This will put a block and you can land on these jumps to quickly climb up. This trick works well in Minecraft and here it will work as well.

Place Blocks with Precision

Placing blocks in Dragon Quest Builders accurately might be a little tricky. We have a small trick for you, which will help you, put your blocks down with more accuracy.

While placing the blocks, if you press L1 and R1 key at the same time, you can easily put the blocks with far more accuracy than without pressing these two keys.

Ways to Build

There are currently two ways by which you can build stuff in Dragon Quest Builders. One way is to design your own buildings according to your own needs and wants.

If you are too lazy to design, you own buildings, you can simply use blueprints to build structures and buildings.

Using blueprints is quicker and will save you time it takes to design a building yourself. This works pretty well if you are in a hurry and want to build something very quickly. You can build according to the specifications mentioned in the blueprint.

Besides, you should first focus on building spacious rooms all over the area. Once you have covered the whole darker green area with the lighter shade of your house, start forging rooms on the second floors as well.

Add Chests to Crafting Rooms

NPCs in your town will stay in rooms where they will keep crafting different items. Sometimes they will craft items for you as well. For this, if you put a chest in all rooms, NPCs staying there will keep adding items for you in these chests.

They will use their own resources for crafting these items so it works like a free bonus mechanic. Always make sure that you have chests in NPC rooms to increase the rate at which you get items. Having more and more NPCs in your town is also a good way to increase this item flow.

Save Your Game Often

Dragon Quest Builders does not come with any auto-save option like most modern games. It is vital that you save your game manually after every major event in the game.

You must keep this in mind otherwise you might end up losing all your progress or a mismanaged defense might be the cause of your complete town’s destruction with no option to try it again. Always save your game manually.

Keep a Torch Handy

Dragon Quest Builders come with a day/night cycle and when the night falls, you will need some light to look around you. For this, you must keep torches handy otherwise; you will have very less light if night falls while you are out on an expedition.

For long journeys, you must have a source of light with you all the times otherwise you will be playing half the game in darkness.

You might also miss something important around you in the darkness and you will need proper light in case of a monster attack. Make sure you always keep a torch handy in your inventory.

Seed of Life

You can boost your vigor or HP by consuming the seed of life. You need to explore the world around you to find them, since they are hidden throughout the map.

Besides, you can also receive the seed of life as a reward for certain quests.

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