Dragon Quest Builders Combat Guide – Spinning Slices, Status Effects, Tips

Dragon Quest Builders Combat Guide to help you understand the basic combat mechanics featured in the game.

Combat in Dragon Quest Builders is pretty straightforward to begin with. Pressing the ATK Button with a weapon equipped should allow you to execute an attack. Do note that if you have not equipped a weapon, you will punch the enemy.

It is possible to wield more than one weapon and cycle among them during combat. Apart from that, you do not have to equip weapons in order to damage enemies – tools i.e. hammer, etc. can also get the job done.

As a general rule of thumb, however, weapons are better against enemies and tools are better suited for breaking down buildings and gathering blocks.

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Dragon Quest Builders Combat Guide

In our Dragon Quest Builders Combat Guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about understanding combat mechanics in the game.


There are multiple ways you can receive damage in Dragon Quest Builders. Here are different things that can damage you in the game.

  • Enemy Attacks
  • Direct Contact with Enemies
  • Fall Damage – At Least Five Blocks
  • Direct Contact with Objects like Poisoned Water, Lava, etc.

If you manage to lose all your HP somehow, you lose half of the items in your inventory at the place of your death. After appearing at the Banner of Hope, return to the area to grab your belongings.

Throwing Objects

There are multiple objects that you can throw at enemies in order to deal damage. It is, however, important to remember that objects can only be thrown in a straight line. Always keep this thing in mind and you should be pretty accurate with your shots.

Spinning Slices

This is a universal attack which is learnt during the First Story Chapter. In order to execute this attack, you need to press and hold the ATK Button and release after the colour of the surroundings changes. As I have mentioned earlier, this is a universal attack regardless of the equipped weapon, but you should be able to switch your weapon during the attack animation.

Spinning Slices is extremely useful for clearing out a wide area of blocks or enemies.

Status Effects

There are a total of two Status Effects in Dragon Quest Builders – positive ones and negative ones. This section details these status effects and how to get acquire/rid them.

Negative Status Effects
These are inflicted by enemies and hinder your ability to perform at your peak level.

This Status Effect gets you to take damage over time. You need to use antidotal herb and wait for 30 seconds to recover from it.

This Status Effect makes you unable to move or act. You need to use Tingle tablet and wait for 10 seconds in case of Tingleweed or 30 seconds in case of monster attack.

This Status Effect gets makes to unable to move or act. You need to wait 15 seconds and wait then take damage from an attack to recover from it.

This Status Effect reverses the command inputs for movement. You need to wait 10 seconds and then use Defuddle Drops to recover from it.

This Status Effect slows down your movement speed. You simply need to wait for 20 seconds to recover from it.

No Items
This Status Effect makes you unable to use items. You need to wait 15 seconds in case of Dragonlord’s Double or 30 seconds in case of Dragonlord.

This Status Effect makes you unable to change equipment. You simply need to use Sheen Salts to recover from it.

Positive Status Effects
These are basically boosts which you can get by eating certain items in the game.

Attack Power Up
This basically increases Attack Power for 180 seconds. In order to get this Status Effect, you need to eat Beany Bunny Burger, Bony Steak, Bunicorn Steak, Bunny Burger, Fresh Fish Feast, or Searing Steak.

Defense Up
This basically increases Defense for 180 seconds. In order to get this Status Effect, you need to eat Bouillabaisse, Cream of Marshroom Soup, Hell Broth, Sailor’s Stew, or Sautéed Salmon.

This is all we have on Dragon Quest Builders Combat Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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