Doom Eternal Runes Locations Guide

Make your Doom Slayer even more deadly by using runes and in this Doom Eternal guide we will give you the locations of all of them

DOOM Eternal succeeds at making the game’s mechanics friendly to newcomers of the game. There is a lot to the customization of the Doom Slayer himself without making things unnecessarily complex. One way to gain perks and advantages against the demons of hell, are Runes and in this Doom Eternal Runes Locations we will show you how to find and use them.

Runes give you additional perks, from which you can only select three at a time. Like the previous game, there are no tasks to be completed in order to acquire perks; simply walk up to one and collect it for yourself.

Doom Eternal Runes Locations

When you reach the ring-shaped part of the map; you can conveniently get here as you follow the main objective, it’s located on a platform to the side, simply get up and collect it.

Cultist Base
Another rune can be found once you advance to the Cultist Base. After acquiring the rocket launcher, there will be a breakable wall ahead. Naturally, we will be punching through this wall only to discover that there is a green switch.

Punch this switch and a bar will be lowered temporarily; jump across using this bar, turn around and swing back to the climbable wall. You can see the rune right behind you from here. Collect it, and voila!

Doom Hunter Base
Once you acquire the Deag Ranak codex entry, you will eventually shoot to lower a cylinder with climbable walls. The rune here can be found on the nearby platform located on the walkway.

Super Gore Nest
Once you destroy the Buff Totem, go through the portal and get a hold of the yellow key and unlock the door ahead of you. Turn right and take the lift up to find the rune.

The second rune is located at the end. Go past the fireballs and you will find yourself in a building with a hologram. Head to the breakable wall, and you can find the rune behind this wall, to the left.

ARC Complex
The first rune can be found in the big burning building. Follow the path, and drop down the hole in the ground to find the rune located to the right.

The second rune can be found towards the end of the level. As you fall down through the floor, turn around and get past the rubble to find the second rune.

Mars Core
The first rune in Mars Core can be found through the first portal. Clear the room of all the demons and go through the door to find the rune.

The second rune can be found right next to the catapult. Grab it prior to proceeding into the next area.

All Perks

Allows you to perform glory kills a lot faster. This can be pretty good if you want to always have the Blood Punch by your side without wasting too much time and putting yourself at the mercy of demons.

Seek and Destroy
The distance it takes to trigger a glory kill is drastically increased, opening up some great opportunities to better utilize it for grabbing onto a demon just out of your reach.

Blood Fueled
After you perform a glory kill, you will gain a speed boost; use this to keep yourself pumped and to always be able to get out of a battle just as quickly as you entered it.

Air Control
If you find yourself a bit too unresponsive mid-air, you might want to use this perk to better control your movement whilst airborne.

Dazed and Confused
You can increase the duration for your enemies being stunned using this perk; I’m not sure if this is entirely that useful, I feel that there are other perks that are far more useful than this one.

Saving Throw
Take a final stand against your enemy by being able to absorb one last blow before dying. This perk will slowdown time instead of killing you off, allowing you to retreat and recover.

Chrono Strike
Nothing as classic as slowing down time itself. Whilst mid-air, simply slowdown time to give yourself more time to get rid of all enemies around you. You will need to wait for the rune to recharge in order to be able to use it again.

Equipment Fiend
Killing enemies using equipment will lower the cooldown for them to recharge.

Punch and Reave
Finishing off enemies using the Blood Punch will force them to drop guaranteed health packs.

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