Doom Eternal Khan Maykr Boss Guide

In Doom Eternal, you will play as the Doom Slayer who has returned from Hell to save humanity by embarking on a quest to destroy the Hell Priests, who are taking over the world and plan to destroy it. In the latter part of the game, you will face Khan Maykr, and in this Doom Eternal Khan Maykr Boss guide, we will explain how to defeat this boss.

Doom Eternal Khan Maykr Boss

You will face off against Khan Maykr at the end of mission ‘Urdak’. When you successfully align all the teleporter rings, the dimensional gate to earth will open.

Samuel will prompt you to leave for Earth quickly as there is not much time left to save it. He will ask you to head to the Landing platform and leave for the earth.

On the way to the platform, you will be attacked by some small creatures which you will have to defeat. Continue towards the platform after clearing them. When you reach the checkpoint, a cutscene will play after which the fight with Khan Maykr will begin.

You will fight Khan Maykr in a large circular arena. She will be floating as she fires different types of attacks at you.

She has an attack that sets the ground on fire which moves towards your position. Move out of the way to escape the attack.

In another attack, she launches projectiles at you from her Wings. She will fire multiple projectiles at the same time.

If you dodge all the projectiles successfully, you will have a window to attack her while she recovers from her attack.

The best way to deal damage to her is to pump a bunch of damage into her to stun her, then use your Super Shotgun secondary to pull yourself towards her then Blood Punch her. Repeat this, again and again, to defeat her easily!

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