Doom Eternal Gameplay Coming At QuakeCon Friday This Week

We'll be getting some Doom Eternal gameplay when QuakeCon rolls around this weekend, which will be coming on Friday along with other id Software games.

Doom Eternal gameplay will be getting revealed at QuakeCon this coming Friday, according to a recent Twitter post by the official Doom Twitter account. The reveal, which will be taking place at 11 AM Central Time or 12 PM Eastern Time, will be the first bit of actual gameplay we’ve seen of the game.

Doom Eternal was originally announced at E3 2018 at the Bethesda conference, but we haven’t seen anything about it since then as Bethesda was more focused with promoting Fallout 76. However, since QuakeCon is id Software’s territory, they’ll have all the time they want to promote the game with both Doom Eternal gameplay and whatever else they bring. The game will likely be sharing content with other id Software games such as Rage 2 and Wolfenstein: New Blood, the upcoming third game that will be starring BJ Blaskowicz’s daughters.

Doom Eternal looks to be taking place on Earth this time instead of Mars, and will likely be dealing with a similar plot setup as the first game, where a portal to Hell has opened and caused demons to flood the Earth. The Doom Marine is the only person that can save humanity from being slaughtered, and players will likely be doing that by slaughtering as many demons as possible with a huge variety of weapons, not to mention their bare hands.

The first Doom ended with players being trapped by Samuel Hayden and then teleported someplace else in order to allow him to continue harvesting Argent Energy from Hell, which was what caused the entire situation in the first game to begin with. So, in addition to all of the giant demons we’ll be fighting, we’ll likely also be fighting a robot as well.

There’s no indication for any sort of release date for Doom Eternal, but at least the Doom Eternal gameplay will hopefully tide us over for a while until either the end of the year or sometime early next year.

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