DOOM 3 BFG Video Logs Locations Guide

We will help you with the locations of all the video logs in Doom 3: BFG to unlock I Like to Watch achievement or trophy.

There are two reasons you may want to search for the video logs scattered throughout the game – One, collecting all these video logs will net you “I Like to Watch” achievement for 15 points and second, you will know more about the game’s universe. So read on for Doom 3 BFG Video Logs locations.

There is a total of 17 of these footage segments and most of them can be played directly after you find them. For others, you will have to press the download button in order to play.

Now, let’s start the hunt.

DOOM 3 BFG Video Logs Locations

#1 IPN News Network: Your Universe Now! 11/15/2145
Location. You will find this one in the common area of Mars City. You can’t collect it so, just watch it to make it count.

#2 Marine Command Briefing
Location. You can find it in the Mars City reception center. The video can be played on the PDA issued by H.Feiner.

#3 Welcome to Mars Facility One
Location. The footage can be found on the desk placed near H. Feiner present in the Mars City reception.

#4 Series 3 Plasma Gun Briefing
Location. In Mars City (combat preparation), the video disk can be found on the reception desk.

#5 Alpha Labs Introduction
Location. In Alpha Labs Hallway (Administration), you can find the log near the data control monitor.

#6 Elemental Phase Deconstructor
Location. In Alpha Labs Sector 1, look for the video log in the EPD lab. You will find it on the desk near the EPD monitor.

#7 Hydrocon
Location. In Alpha Labs Sector 1 (Hydrocon Control), you can find the log on one of the two computer consoles.

#8 Molecular Fuel Storage Compactor
Location. In Alpha Labs Sector 2 (MFS Compressor), the video log is placed on the console.

#9 Mach-2 Chain Gun Briefing
Location. In Alpha Labs Sector 4 (Reactor Sub Station 1), look for the video log on the computer console in the open chamber path.

#10 Maintenance Safety Video
Location. In Monorail Skybridge (Central Maintenance), where else to look except for the computer console.

#11 Medical Report 16-8
Location. In Delta Labs Level 2A (Examination Room D2-1), you will be able to play this video log on a laptop.

#12 Teleportation Experiments
Location. Delta Labs Level 2A (Teleporter Control Lab 2). After returning of the Plasma Inducer, you can find the video log on the desk.

#13 Specimen Stasis Museum
Location. In Data Labs 2B (Lift Access 1), look for the video log on the seats present there.

#14 Soul Cube
Location. In Delta Labs Level 2B (Analysis Control), the disk is on the computer console.

#15 BFG 9000 Briefing
Location. In the Central Server Banks (CPU Access), you will find another computer console with the video disk.

#16 Ancient Civilization
Location. In Site 3 (artifact research), the video log will be found on a computer console.

#17 Tablets
Location. In Caverns Area (Levitation Site), you can find this one on a desk.

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