Don’t Expect Mafia 3 to Arrive in a Buggy State: Hanger 13

Mafia 3 developer is promising gamers that they won't release a buggy game.

One of this year’s biggest releases is Mafia 3 and we are expecting big things from the third instalment. The game will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in addition to PC.

When we talk about a game on PC, one thing that worries us most is seeing a buggy game. It is understandable, because a number of games released in the last couple of years were in a really bad shape. The biggest example is Batman Arkham Knight which was, at one point, removed from Steam other platforms by WB.

Thankfully, Mafia 3 developer is promising gamers that they won’t release a buggy game. Not only on PC, but players will notice the minimum amount of issues across all platforms. Hangar 13 stated:

Yeah, we’re not going to release a buggy game. That’s for sure. We’re very, very aware of what that would do. Obviously, we are still part way through development.

When asked about if their game will stand out against some of the AAA games releasing this year, Hanger 13 said:

I think we’ve built a game that’s just going to stand up there with the best. So I’m not concerned about it in that respect.

Mafia 3 is shaping up to be a great title and because we already know plenty about it, excitement and expectations are high. Previously, Hanger 13 explained how they will deal with side missions and districts. The developer also talked about world interaction system.

Mafia 3 is releasing sometime this year.


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