Dolphin Emulator Can Now Boot Every GameCube Title

Dolphin Emulator is probably one of the most advanced and supported emulators out there. It has been under development and it keeps evolving to get better and better.

According to the latest update from its creator, Dolphin is now able to boot every GameCube game out there. The last form of resistance came from Star Wars: The Clone Wars but devs have now slayed the beast.

Dolphin can now boot every single game which took devs over a decade to pull off. However, the journey isn’t yet over.

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it’s taken over a decade but it is done. Dolphin, to our knowledge can boot every GameCube title in Master. There could be regressions, holes in the compatibility list and whatnot, but with Dynamic Block Address Translation, there should be no-games missing features from booting.

This does not mean every game runs perfectly; we’re missing hardware support for Phantasy Star Online I/II demo (It only uses the GameCube Modem. We only support BBA,) and Game Boy Player (which requires a GBA core.)

Emulators are quickly advancing and we even saw one being officially published on Microsoft’s Windows Store and on Xbox One Via UWP. Publishing an emulator for Xbox One is fine but the problem comes when you run the games that are under copyright protection.

As for Dolphin Emulator, it is a piece of software that could face legal issues in the future.

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