How to Defeat Dojo Matron Honey in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

Just like the base game, Isle of Armor expansion also has Dojo Battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In this guide, we will tell you about a secret Dojo battle and show you how to Defeat Dojo Matron Honey in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC.

This guide gives you full detailed information about Matron Honey’s team, the strategy to defeat them and the rewards you’ll receive at the end.

How to Defeat Dojo Matron Honey in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

This Isle of Armor is home to a Dojo for Pokemon battles. Mustard, the master of this dojo will be your trainer throughout your stay and will make your Pokemon better fighters.

Once at the Fighting Dojo, you’ll interact with Dojo Matron Honey and will tell her that you’re ready for a battle.

Keep in mind that you need to pay around 1.5 million watts before you can have the chance to fight Honey.

She’ll have small talks with different trainers and eventually will challenge you to a battle. Defeating her is a piece of cake if you choose your Pokemon wisely.

The initial adventure you’ll unlock using your Expansion Pass will be at the Isle of Armor. It’s an Island of the Galar region where you’ll come across many new places such as beaches, caves forests etc.

Recommended Pokemon
Dojo Matron Honey’s team consists of a Normal Type, Fairy Type, Fire Type, Psychic Type, Poison Type and a Grass Type.

So, the highly recommended Pokemon to deal damage on Honey’s team are:

  • Urshifu (Fighting Type)
  • Slowbro (Water Type)
  • Cinderace (Fire Type)

These three Pokemon are powerful enough to wipe out the entire lineup with a single attack.

Make sure to use these Pokemon at a minimum 77 level because the higher their stats are, the more vulnerable Honey’s team will be to your Pokemon.

How to Defeat Dojo Matron Honey
Dojo Matron Honey has six Pokemon with her in this battle:

  • Blissey (level 60)
  • Togekiss (level 60)
  • Darmanitan (level 58)
  • Gallade (level 59)
  • Salazzle (level 58)
  • Venusaur (level 60)

As mentioned before, Honey’s entire team can be defeated using only three Pokemon. So, during the first stage of the battle, use Urshifu against Blissey and Darmanitan.

Use Close Combat to drain all of their health at once.

Once the second stage starts Honey uses Togekiss, Gallade and Salazzle. Use Slowbro and use Shell Side Arm on Togekiss and Surf on both Gallade and Salazzle to defeat them.

After wiping out the opponents in the second stage, the last stage starts off with Venusaur. Pick Cinderace for this one and use Dynamax for this stage.

Once both Pokemons are on Dynamax, use Cinderace for the G-Max Fireball and destroy Venusaur to end the battle.

Defeating Dojo Matron Honey rewards, you with 9,600 cash.

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