Does Latest Patent Discovery Reveal How Nintendo NX Will Work?

The latest Nintendo NX Patent reveals some interesting features that could be coming to the console. Does this reveal how the NX will work?

With the Nintendo NX heading our way in 2016, we still don’t know much about it. One way to find out though is through patents that become available for us to view.

This is exactly what TechInsider have done, revealing some interesting details about Nintendo’s plans. The patent which was authored by Joseph Thomas Bentdahl the technical services specialist for Nintendo of America reveals some interesting details:

  • The system will not only support the actual game console but also “supplemental computing device” that’s physically connected to the game console to provide “processing resources.”
  • In the patent background, Nintendo says it wants you to play this console from anywhere. This hints at the idea of a mobile, handheld component.
  • Nintendo says the console could “take the form of any suitable type of computing device, e.g., mobile, semi-mobile, semi-stationary, or stationary.” So the console will be able to stream not only to the TV but also possibly phones, and tablets etc. It will be “capable of sending communications and performing functions.”
  • The console works differently depending on how far away it is from the “supplemental computing device.” If it’s close by, it can process everything “at a nearly real-time speed,” including graphics and sound effects. But “far away devices may only be able to provide asynchronous or supplementary support to the events occurring on the console (e.g. providing for weather effects in games, artificial intelligence, etc.).”
  • The console can “couple to multiple supplemental computing devices” to enhance the capabilities of the overall system. Nintendo mentions you can daisy-chain these supplemental devices to one another, either physically or wirelessly, for more power.

The concept of using extra supplemental devices to provide more power is an interesting one. How this will translate into an actual console though is interesting.

What we do have to note is that this patent could just be registering the technology, and that this is not the final form of the console itself. What it does reveal though is how Nintendo are looking to design the console.

Are you interested in the NX? What do you think these new revelations bring to the console? Let us know your views below.

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