Divinity Original Sin Crafting Recipes Guide

List of Divinity Original Sin crafting recipes and how you can craft potions, skill books, scrolls, weapons, armor, accessories and enchanting items.

Crafting system in Divinity: Original Sin is a key component to ensure your survival in Divinity Original Sin. It involves combining two or more base items to create weapons, armor, food items, and other useful things.

Divinity Original Sin Crafting

The stats and attributes of these items are directly tied to your character: higher your character’s level, better will be the items’ attributes.

In addition to this, your character must have a specific Crafting Level to craft certain items.

You can setup your own Crafting Station anywhere with a furnace, anvil, water, and other resources. To summerize the successful Crafting Technique, you must combine two or more items like you would do in real life:

Here’s a categorized list of Crafting Recipies found in Divinity: Original Sin that we have found through our research.

I didn’t have time to test them all, but if you found any error, do let us know and I’ll keep on updating it.



Debuff Strength Potion
Poison Potion + Tooth

Debuff Perception Potion
Poison Potion + Eye

Debuff All Potion
Debuff Strength Potion + Debuff Constitution Potion

Invisible Potion
Air resistance Potion + Armour Potion

Level Up Potion
Augmentor + Any Potion
Small – Medium – Large

Armor Boosting Potion
Small Healing + Whisperwood

Reason Potion
Small Healing + Stardust plant

Poison Potion
Empty Potion Bottle + Fly Agaric Mushroom

Poison Potion
Empty Potion Bottle + Ooze Barrel

Poison Antidote Potion
Health Potion + apple

Intimidation Potion
Farhangite + Minor healing Potion

Charm Potion
Fanny Blossom + Minor healing Potion

Losing Potion
Fly Agaric Mushroom + Minor healing Potion

Poison Resistance Potion
Small Healing Potion + Drudanae plant

Small Healing Potion
Empty Potion Bottle + Penny Bun Mushroom

Medium Healing Potion
Small healing Potion + Small healing Potion
You will need Crafting Skill 1-2 to brew this potion

Perception Potion
Eye + Empty Potion Bottle

Water Resistance Potion
Bluegill + Empty Potion Bottle

Air Resistance Potion
Yellyroom + Empty Potion Bottle

Fire Resistance Potion
Guepinia + Empty Potion Bottle

Earth Resistance Potion
Earth Tongue Mushroom + Empty Potion Bottle

Resist All Potion
Fire Resistance Potion + Earth Resistance Potion

Large Healing Potion
Small healing Potion + Small healing Potion (Crafting skill 3+)
You will need Crafting Skill +3 to brew this potion

Skill Books and Scrolls

Earth Scroll
Blank Earth Scroll + Magical Ink Pot & Quill

Fire Scroll
Blank Fire Scroll + Magical Ink Pot & Quill

Air Scroll
Blank Air Scroll + Magical Ink Pot & Quill

Water Scroll
Blank Water Scroll + Magical Ink Pot & Quill

Elemental Scroll
Blank Paper + Pixie Dust

Earth Skill Book [Empty]
Blank Earth Scroll + Blank Earth Scroll

Fire Skill Book [Empty]
Blank Fire Scroll + Blank Fire Scroll

Air Skill Book [Empty]
Blank Air Scroll + Blank Air Scroll

Water Skill Book [Empty]
Blank Water Scroll + Blank Water Scroll

Pillow + Knife

Feather + Knife

Ink Pot & Quill
Ink Pot + Quill

Magical Ink Pot & Quill
Ink Pot & Quill + Pixie Dust

Blank Paper
Wood Mush + Furnace

Earth Skill Book
Empty Earth Skill Book + Any Earth Skill

Fire Skill Book
Empty Fire Skill Book + Any Fire Skill scroll

Air Skill Book
Empty Air Skill Book + Any Air Skill scroll

Water Skill Book
Empty Water Skill Book + Any Water Skill scroll


Water Cup
Empty Cup + Water Barrel

Water Bottle
Empty Bottle + Water Barrel

Water Bucket
Bucket + Water Barrel

Wine Bottle
Empty Bottle + Wine Barrel

Wine Cup
Empty Cup + Wine Barrel

Orange Juice
Empty Cup + Orange

Apple Juice
Empty Cup + Apple

Honey Milk
Honey Jar + Milk

Honey Jar
Empty Jar + Beehive

Wheat + Cup of Milk

Potato Porridge
Potato + Cup of Milk

Boiled Potato
Potato + Mobile Kitchen

Mashed Potato [Cold]
Potato + Hammer

Mashed Potato
Cold mashed Potato + Mobile Kitchen

Cold Fries
Potato + Knife

Hot Rivellon Fries
Serving of Cold Fries + Mobile Kitchen

Raw Meat + Oven or Mobile Kitchen

Elven Stew
Dinner + Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce
Tomato + Hammer

Pizza Dough
Dough + Tomato Sauce

Pizza Dough + Oven

Cheese Bread Dough
Dough + Cheese

Cheese Bread
Cheese Bread Dough + Oven

Portable Kitchen
Cookpot + Campfire

Fish Pie Dough
Fish + Dough

Fish Pie Dough + Oven

Apple Dough
Apple + Dough

Apple Pie
Apple Dough + Oven

Wheat + Mortal and pestle

Flour + cup of water

Dough + Oven

Knife + Anvil


Iron Bar + Anvil

2 Handed Sword
Large Iron Bar + Furnace

2 Handed Axe
Large Steel Bar + Furnace

1 Handed Axe
Steel Bar + Anvil

Bow String
Sinew + Sinew

Branch + Bowstring

Crossbow Stock and Limb
Wooden Branch + Steel Bar

Functional Crossbow
Crossbow Stock and Limb + Bowstring

Elemental Staff
Branch + Branch

Branch + Dagger

Voodoo Doll
Wooden Figurine + Needle

Real Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Doll + Pixie Dust

Sword of Planets
Bottle of Swirling Mud + Fiery Heart

Wooden Stake
Knife + Log


Wooden Shield
Barrel Lid + Rope

Steel Shield
Wooden Shield + Scrap of Metal

Pumpkin Helmet
Knife + Pumpkin

Cracked Cookpot Helmet
Cookpot + Hammer

Antler Helmet
Leather Cap + Magic Antler

Crab Claw Helmet
Crab Claw + Leather Helmet

Leather Boots
Leather Scraps + Anvil

Cloth Armor
Cloth Scraps + Needle & Thread

Magic Cloth Armor
Cloth Scraps + Magic Needle & Thread

Leather Armor
Leather Scraps + Needle & Thread

Magic Leather Armor
Leather Scraps + Magic Needle & Thread

Plate Armor
Metal Scraps + Hammer

Scale Armour
Metal Scraps + Mail Armour


Feather Amulet
Thread + Magic Feather

The Third Eye Amulet
Thread + Magic Eye

Rabbit’s Paw Amulet
Thread + Magical Rabbit Paw

Chicken Claw Amulet
Thread + Magical Chicken Claw

Rat Tail Amulet
Thread + Magic Rat Tail

Skull Amulet
Thread + Magic Skull

Starfish Amulet
Thread + Magic Starfish

Claw Amulet
Thread + Magic Claw

Tooth Amulet
Thread + Magic Tooth

Fancy Feather Amulet
Magic Fancy Feather + Thread

Creepy Eye Amulet
Creepy Eye + Fairy Dust

Skull Ring
Magical Skull + Jewlers Kit (Ring)

Tusk Ring
Magical Tusk + Jewlers Kit (Ring)

Rabbit’s Paw Ring
Magical Rabbit Paw + Jewlers Kit (Ring)

Claw Ring
Magic Claw + Jeweller’s Kit Ring

Feather Ring
Magic Feather + Jeweller’s Kit

Fancy Feather Ring
Magic Fancy Feather + Jeweller’s Kit Ring

Skull Belt
Magic Skull + Rope

Rabbit’s Paw Belt
Magic Rabbit’s Paw + Rope

Tooth Belt
Magic Tooth + Rope

Tusk Belt
Magic tooth (ork) + Rope

Rat Tail Belt
Rat tail + Rope

Claw Belt
Magic Claw + Rope

Feather Belt
Magic Feather + Rope

Chicken Foot Belt
Magic Chicken Foot + Rope

Arrowhead + Arrow Shaft

Arrow Shaft
Branch + Knife

Silver Arrowhead
Silver Bar + Anvil

Poison Arrowhead
Poison Flask + Arrowhead

Poison Arrowhead
Ooze Barrel + Arrowhead

Knockdown Arrowhead
Antler + Knife

Slow Arrowhead
Oil Barrel + Arrowhead

Weakening Arrowhead
Debuff Strength Potion + Arrowhead

Blinding Arrowhead
Debuff Perception Potion + Arrowhead

Cursing Arrowhead
Debuff All Potion + Arrowhead

Stunning Arrowhead
Tooth + Knife

Static Cloud Arrowhead
Air Resistance Potion + Arrowhead

Steam Cloud Arrowhead
Water Resistance Potion + Arrowhead

Explosive Arrowhead
Minor Fire Resistance Potion + Arrowhead

Poison Cloud Arrowhead
Poison Arrowhead + Poison Arrowhead

Enchanting Equipment

Tenebrium Enchanted Weapon
Tenebrium Bar + Any Weapon

Boosted Leather Armor
Any leather Armor + Mobile Kitchen

Boosted Metal Armor
Any metal Armor + Anvil

Improved Leather Armor
Metal Scraps + Leather Armor

Improved Plate Armor
Plate Scraps + Plate Armor

Boosted Metal Weapon
Any Metal Weapon + Grindstone

Boosted Bow
Bow + Bowstring

Boosted Shield
Metal Shield + Anvil

Boosted Staff
Moonstone + Staff

Boosted Value
Any Armor + Pearl

Boosted Resistances
Any Armor + Ruby

Poison Damage
Any Weapon + Poison

Water Damage
Any Weapon + Essence of Water

Fire Damage
Any Weapon + Essence of Fire

Earth Damage
Any Weapon + Essence of Earth

Air Damage
Any Weapon + Essence of Air

Water Resistance
Any Armor + Essence of Water

Fire Resistance
Any Armor + Essence of Fire

Earth Resistance
Any Armor + Essence of Earth

Air Resistance
Any Armor + Essence of Air

+1 STR, +1 Dex Weapons
Any Weapon + Tormented Soul

+1 Sneaking Skill
Any Apparel + Void Essence

Misc. Items

Wood chips & 2x Branch
Log + Axe

Wood Mush
Water + Wood Chips

Needle + Needle

Nine Inch Nails + Hammer

Bone dust
Human Bone + Mortar and pestle

Bone dust
Any Skull + Mortar and pestle

Moonstone + Mortar and pestle

Stardust plant + Mortar and pestile

Pixie Dust
Moondust + Stardust

Pixie Dust
Bone dust + Stardust

Length of hair + Length of hair

Magic Feather
Pixie Dust + Feather

Magic Eye
Pixie Dust + Eye

Magic Claw
Pixie Dust + Claw

Magic Rat Tail
Pixie Dust + Rat Tail

Magic Starfish
Pixie Dust + Starfish

Magic Tusk
Pixie Dust + Tusk

Magic Skull
Pixie Dust + Skull

Magic Creepy Eye
Creepy Eye + Fairy Dust

Wool Yarn + Yarn

Thread and needle
Thread + Needle

Magic Needle & Thread
Needle & Thread + Pixiedust

Wool + Wool

Wooden Figurine
Cloth Scraps + Thread

Iron Bar
Iron Ore + Furnace

Large Iron Bar
Iron Bar + Iron Bar

Large Iron Bar
2 Handed Sword + Furnace

Steel Bar
Iron Bar + Furnace

Large Steel Bar
2 Handed Axe + Furnace

Silver Bar
Silver Ore + Furnace

Tenebrium Bar
Tenebrium Ore + Furnace

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