Divinity Original Sin 2 Best Shadowblade Build Guide

DOS2 Shadowblade Class Guide to help you learn all about playing as the Class and how to build it. Read to learn more.

The Shadowblade class in Divinity Original Sin 2 is closely related to the Rogue in classic Dungeons and Dragons. This class is proficient at stealth, sneaking, and landing critical attacks when enemies least expect them. However, if caught in the wrong place, it is extremely vulnerable due to decreased health. This guide will explore how to make the best Shadowblade Build in DOS2.

We will cover aspects including the best background to use, the best ability distribution, talents, and more. We’ll also look at the best weapons and spells for this build.

Best Race for Shadowblade Build in DOS2

The best race for the Shadowblade build is Elf. The Finesse boost this background comes with is extremely beneficial for Shadowblade while Cannibalism regenerates health, which helps make up for the class’ inherent small health pool.

A close second option is Dwarf. This background gives you a boost in Sneaking, increases your vitality by +10, and gives you a +5% dodging chance.

Tags and Instruments have little to no effect on the build, so pick whichever interests you.

Best Starting Skills for Shadowblade

Shadowblade starts with the following three Skills in Divinity Original Sin 2:

  • Chameleon Cloak: Allows you to blend into your surroundings, making you harder to spot and invulnerable to attacks for two turns.
  • Backlash: Allows you to land behind an enemy by jumping over them, which you then follow up with a backstabbing attack.
  • Chicken Claw: Let you turn your target into a chicken for two turns.

While you can switch out your skills, the default ones work well enough and perfectly complement the playstyle of this build. However, you can switch out Backlash for Adrenaline. Adrenaline gives you 2 action points immediately and without breaking your Chameleon Cloak. Although, you will lose two action points for the next turn.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock and use many other skills, which we’ve detailed later on.

Best Starting Attributes for Shadowblade

Most of your skill points will go into Finesse, as it enhances your Scoundrel abilities and increases damage by +5% when you use Finesse weapons. Your secondary skills will be Constitution and Wits for the Shadowblade in DOS2. The former increases your vitality while the latter increases your critical hit chance.


Best Shadowblade Abilities in Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 features two ability trees: Combat and Civil. Combat Abilities determine how you function during combat encounters, while Civil Abilities determine how you function outside it. Make use of the following Combat and Civil Abilities for the Shadowblade Build:

Combat Abilities

Scoundrel and Polymorph will be your main combat abilities for the Shadowblade Build in DOS2. During the initial character creation portion, put one point into each, as doing so will give you access to their respective combat skills.

As you progress through the game, continue putting points into both these abilities, along with Warfare and Dual-Wielding, which increases the total amount of damage you do with melee attacks in general and with dual-wielded weapons. Since Shadowblade is mainly a melee-oriented build, doing so will allow you to be more effective on the battlefield.

Civil abilities

For Civil Abilities, prioritize Sneaking. Since Shadowblade is all about attacking your opponents with an element of surprise in DOS2, that’ll net you the upper hand during combat. For your second ability, pick either Persuasion or Thievery. The former lets you evade combat situations should you find yourself weak on health and resources, while the latter lets you break into locked doors and chests.

Both these options are good from a roleplaying perspective, though they won’t help you in combat as much as the Sneaking ability.

Best Talents for Shadowblade Build in DOS2

Make use of the following Talents for the Shadowblade build:

  • The Pawn: Allows you one extra action point worth of movement per turn, which you can use to get behind enemies
  • Duck Duck Goose: lets you evade attacks of opportunity as you move around the battlefield (to unlock this talent, you must put at least one point into Handsman)
  • Tactical Retreat: This Talent lets you disengage during battle, allowing you to place yourself at the back to recuperate (to unlock this talent, you must put at least one point into Handsman)
  • Executioner: Nets you two additional action points after successfully killing an enemy.
  • Opportunist: Allows you to perform attacks of opportunity
  • Guerilla: Increases attack damage by +40% and reduces the cost of entering sneak mode by 1 action point

Best Skills for Shadowblade

Since we’ll mainly be investing our skill points into Polymorph and Scoundrel, our main skills will come from both these combat abilities.

Scoundrel Skills

  • Sawtooth Knife: This weapon allows you to break through an enemy’s armor and directly deal 100% piercing damage. If the enemy does not have armor, they gain the bleeding effect for three turns.
  • Mortal Blow: This skill lets you deal +140% damage every time it is activated. If you’re in sneak mode, the damage is doubled.
  • Rupture Tendons: Allows you to deal +100% damage to targeted enemies. If they try to move, they take piercing damage.
  • Corrupted Blade: This ability increases the damage of dagger attacks by +150% and imbues your opponent with Decay and Disease status effects for two turns.
  • Chloroform: Puts your enemies to sleep for one turn. Also tries to destroy magical armor.
  • Backlash: Allows you to land behind an enemy by jumping over them, which you then follow up with a backstabbing attack.

Polymorph Skills

  • Chameleon Cloak: This ability allows you to blend into your surroundings, making you harder to spot and invulnerable to attacks for two turns.
  • Chicken Claw: Let you turn your target into a chicken for two turns.
  • Skin Graft: Removes Burning, Bleeding, Poisoned, and Necrofire status effects. Additionally, your cooldowns are reset.
  • Forced Exchange: Allows you to exchange your Vitality with a targeted enemy.
  • Spider Legs: Allows you to entangle enemies in webs, making them immobile for three turns.

Other Skills

Flurry: Allows you to perform three quick attacks using your weapons. Damage scales with your attributes and receives a bonus from your Strength or Finesse. This skill is only available if you’re using dual-wielded daggers.

Battering Ram: Let you rush in a straight line, hitting all enemies in your path for 50% damage. Enemies get knocked down for one turn.

Battle Stomp: Allows you to ram your weapon into the ground, which hits enemies for 60% damage and knocks them down.

Best Weapons for Shadowblade in DOS2

You’ll need dual-wield weapons to maximize the damage from the Shadowblade build. We recommend using daggers as they give you access to the Flurry ability.

  • Domoh Dumora
  • Nobleman’s Dagger
  • Sharp Reminder

Best Gear for Shadowblade Build in Divinity 2

For the Shadowblade Build, use the following gear items to give yourself an advantage on the battlefield and outside of it.

HelmetVisha’s Helm
Chest ArmorMagical Riveted Armor
GlovesMagical Chain Gloves
BeltAncient Blade
LeggingsLord Ruaney’s Britches
BootsKnight of Vrogir Boots
AmuletAmulet of the Void
RingThe Shadow Prince’s Signet

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