How To Move Houses In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players can develop a valley according to their own liking in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Many players construct houses but don’t...

Players can develop a valley according to their own liking in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Many players construct houses but don’t know how to move them if placed wrong. Don’t worry as this guide will educate you about how to move houses.

How to move houses in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney DreamLight Valley enables you to construct your own house to your liking. To make your valley aesthetically pleasing, you tend to make houses, place furniture, items, etc. At some point, however, you might wonder if you can move houses in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

So the answer is, definitely yes! You can move houses and other buildings in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It is a pretty straightforward and easy thing to do. You can move all sorts of houses, buildings, and stores; the ones that are already built and the houses you build for Disney characters.

To move your house, just go to the Furniture screen. If you are playing the game on a PC, just press F, and the screen will be opened automatically.

There will be options like furniture wardrobe etc. you need to click on the furniture option and a list of items will appear. But don’t choose anything from the list and select the arrow on the right of the furniture option.

This closes the furniture list and a hand cursor will show up. You just have to click on the building, drag it to the desired location and click again.

If the location can be placed at the desired location, green tiles will appear. If not, then red tiles will appear. In this way, you will be able to move every house, building and the items inside them.

How do you move Furniture in Dreamlight Valley

To move Furniture, You simply need to open up your menu and navigate to the furniture tab. Once here, press the button on the right side of the menu.

If you are playing on Xbox, you can use the “Y” button to navigate and move furniture.

Coming to the rest of the consoles, you have a cursor that will allow you to interact with any furniture. You can use the cursor to move furniture around or remove the furniture from any spot.

After moving the furniture, close the menu to apply all of your changes. This way you can easily move the Furniture in Disney Dreamligh Valley.

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