Dishonored 2 Voice Cast Features Some Big Names

According to a report, Dishonored 2 voice cast have some big names from Hollywood. The sequel will feature Hollywood actors from movies such as Moon.

According to a report, Dishonored 2  voice cast have some big names from Hollywood. The sequel will feature actors from movies such as Moon and TV serials like Daredevil and Game Of Thrones. However, Dishonored 2`s main characters will be voiced by professional voice actors.

Corvo Attano, protagonist of the first game, was silent in the original Dishonored, but he will speak in upcoming Dishonored 2 and will be voiced by Stephen Russell.

Stephen Russell is a veteran voice actor, who has voiced characters such as Nick Valentine in Fallout 4 and Mercer Frey in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Emily Kaldwin was 10 years old in the first game and voiced by  Chloë Grace Moretz. However, the sequel takes place 15 years after the events of the original game, and Erica Luttrell will provide the voice for adult Emily.

Another character returning from the original game is The Outsider, and will be voiced by Robin Lord Taylor instead of Billy Lush who voiced the character in the first game.

Although, Dishonored 2 takes place in a completely different place then the original game, but a character from the first game`s setting of Dunwall will play a role in the sequel. The character is Mortimer Ramsey of the Dunwall City Watch and will be voiced by Sam Rockwell.

Vincent D’Onofrio will provide his voice for Luca Abele, the Duke of Serkonos, and And Rosario Dawson will lend her voice for Meagan Foster, the Dreadful Wale captain. Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) voices Paolo, the leader of the Howler gang and Jamie Hector (The Wire) plays Liam Byrne, the Vice Overseer.

Bethesda has also announced the release date for Dishonored 2, the game will release on 11 November for PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

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