DiRT 3 Battered Battersea Compound Missions Guide

Guide to 100% all the DC compound missions in DiRT 3. Find all the hidden packages, do the spins, special missions etc..

I believe some of you have completed first season of DiRT 3, if you have, you will unlock DC Compound. You start off with access to only one area but as you keep finishing all 4 seasons, you will be able to freestyle in all 3 areas of the compound.

There are total 80 missions to complete in DC Compound with each area having its own missions varying from collecting hidden packages to making spins around certain objects.

There are also 8 special missions which can be accessed by starting the DC Compound and pressing start button.

Anyway, this is your guide to beat all these missions and earn Battered Battersea trophy or achievement in DiRT 3.

DiRT 3 Gymkhana Battersea Compound Parking Zone

DiRT 3 Gymkhana Battersea Compound Depot Zone

DiRT 3 Gymkhana Battersea Compound Power Station Zone

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