Digimon ReArise Tips

Digimon Rearise tips to help you effectively raise and improve your Digimon in the mobile game Digimon ReArise so you are prepared for every battle

Digimon ReArise tips to increase your stats, level up, evolve, in-training bond / friendship and limit break your Digimon in the game.

Alongside building a powerful relationship, you must also complete an assortment of tasks to augment and improve the strength of your Digimon, this must be done to achieve optimal performance and to form the best team possible in Digimon ReArise.

Digimon ReArise Tips

This Digimon ReArise guide will help you understand just exactly what it is you need to do to enhance your Digimon’s stats and performance. Seeing as I’ve made the significance of relationships abundantly clear, I’ll start by telling how to further your bond efficiently first:

How to Efficiently Increase Your Bond
First and foremost, your relationship or bond is displayed as a gauge below your current level. By going on adventures and doing everything you can to care of your Digimon, your ‘depth of bond’ increases.

The easiest way to increase the bond is to listen to your Digimon’s demands. It will often request something to eat, desiring a specific snack. Although you can feed it anything, giving the Digimon exactly what it wants will deepen your bond. However, collecting food can prove to be a challenge – you are rewarded food for completing missions, and during the Quest of the Day, you can go to the Time Vortex (specifically the Food Area) and try to collect rare food items there.

Basically, feeding your Digimon will yield positive results, even more so if you give them exactly what they demand. Be wary of the fact that your Digimon will eventually have had enough and can’t eat anymore, you will be unable to feed it for a considerable period of time.

Another way of deepening the bond is to set one of your Digimon as a partner. Essentially, your partner is the go-to Digimon that you have traveling with you. These Digimon are directly going on an adventure with you, therefore their bond with you steadily grows the more you spend time with them. Switching between different Digimon will increase your bond with all of them.

Finally, during a battle, you are given access to something called a ‘Friendship Special Skill’. This allows you to deepen your bond by performing a task together, however it carries the risk of being subjugated in certain situations.

Overall, by having a stronger bond with your Digimon, their overall performance is enhanced to the optimal level, but that’s not enough, you’ll need to increase their overall level as well.

How To Raise Your Skill Level
Every Digimon has a main, sub, and passive skill. Out of these 3, only the main skill can be leveled up. Raising the skill level has the effect of increasing the effectiveness of that skill, making it more powerful. Note that the most you can level up a skill is to level 10; this is contingent on the Digimon generation. If your Digimon hasn’t evolved then the maximum cap of their main skill will be lower than 10; you must evolve the Digimon in order to raise the skill level to the max.

Beyond what’s stated above, you can take advantage of a Digimon’s individual traits and use them to your advantage. By taking Digimon belonging to the same evolutionary lineage, you can fuse them together to raise the Base Digimon’s skill level.

You can fuse them by selecting a base Digimon and selecting the ‘Up Skill Level’ option. After doing so, you will be shown a list of potential Digimon you can fuse with – whatever Digimon you fuse with will disappear, so be careful during the selection process. Furthermore, fusion requires you to spend Bits (in-game currency). In fact, you can use Bits alone to raise your Digimon’s skill level. You’ll be given an efficient way of collecting and earning Bits later in this very guide.

A few things to note in relation to fusion: You cannot fuse with a Digimon who belongs to a different generation (if a Digimon has evolved then you cannot merge with them); main skill and sub-skills will change with fusion but not the passive skill. Finally, if one of the Digimon you can fuse with is part of a team (presumably set as a team member or Partner) then you cannot merge with them.

How To Evolve Your Digimon
The benefit of having your Digimon evolve is that it significantly increases that Digimon’s stats and skills, making it considerably more powerful than before. There are essentially two ways of evolving a Digimon: Raising the Digimon’s level until it’s at the point where it can evolve, or by maximizing your friendship/bond with that Digimon.

However, for both instances, you will require something known as an Evolution Code. These can be obtained by clearing clashes – multiple Evolution Codes are often required to evolve a Digimon.

You are likely to obtain rare Evolution Codes by clearing clash events that are of a higher difficulty. It’s recommended to increase your digimons’ strength as much as possible so that they can get through such clashes. Furthermore, clashes feature boss Digimon as well, and they appear by their lonesome, so it’s recommended to have Digimon that specialize in offensive abilities that damage a single enemy. We recommend obtaining the following Digimon for such clashes: Garurumon and Geremon.

Note that certain Digimon require unique Evolution Codes in addition to your average Evolution Code, and those are more difficult to locate and obtain.

Limit Breaks
Some of you may already be aware of the concept of limit breaking, but for those unaware of the meaning – it’s essentially you going pass your upper limits to reach a whole new realm of power; breaking through the limit increases your max cap so you’re capable of much more. Digimon can break through their upper limits and acquire newfound strength. If you wish for your Digimon to evolve to a higher form, then you will need to break through your Digimon’s current upper level in order to do so. Much like evolution, this technique boosts a Digimon’s stats and skill level, however, it requires fewer materials to do so.

The only way to break through one’s limits is to have the Digimon complete all special training regime, all 6 of them. Note that you must acquire Special Training Tips in order to gain access to the Special Training Regime.

Once you’ve acquired the Tips and have undergone the Special Training, you will be able to raise the Digimon until it reaches the Limit Breakthrough Level; the level changes depending on where you are on the evolutionary line. You will have broken through the upper level once you’ve completed the Special Training and have increased the level to the point that it can break through the limit.

Leveling Up Your Digimon
Earlier we talked about raising the level of your main and sub-skills, but now it’s time to talk about raising the level of your Digimon entirely. The most common and easy way of doing so is through the use of Bits (the in-game currency). The following will elucidate the most expeditious way of gathering Bits.

You gain Bits by completing missions and going on adventures, but a surefire way of getting an influx of Bits is to go to the Timed Whirlpool (a once a week quest) and head to the special ‘Bit Area’. This is an area where players can easily collect a large amount of Bit depending on which difficulty they choose to tackle this task on. The higher the difficulty, the more Bits you will be rewarded.

You also gain a considerable amount of Bits by completing Daily Missions and attending Digiclans; it’s highly recommended that you take advantage of these daily occurrences to get the Bit count as high as possible.

Once you have enough Bits, you can easily level up your Digimon, however there’s an upper limit that you must breakthrough in order to level the Digimon up even further.

You can also use something called a ‘Plug-in’ to increase the digimon’s level. These are unique items that boost certain stats, such as Attack and Defense. Equipping these to a digimon will raise their stats, and will, in turn, increase their overall level.

There are several other methods to increase the Digimon’s level, but you already know all of them. That’s right, all of the methods stated above have the added benefit of increasing your digimon’s overall level. In other words, the only way you’re not leveling up your digimon is by actually trying not to… and you’re likely to fail if you attempt to do so.

That’s all the advice we have to give you in relation to the upcoming Digimon ReArise mobile game. Make sure to pre-register so you get your hands on the free-to-play game as soon as the English version launches, and make sure to keep all these tips in mind because they will definitely help you to form the best team with the most powerful digimon, all of whom you will have a deep and unshakable bond with!