Digimon ReArise Daily Missions and Rewards

Check out our guide if you need help completing the daily missions in Digimon ReArise to get your hands on some great rewards

Apart from the initial challenges, Digimon ReArise features conventional missions and achievements as well. There are four types of these missions; these include daily, weekly, total, and special challenges. You will need to focus on completing daily missions as they change every day and this Digimon ReArise guide will help you do those and earn some useful rewards.

Digimon ReArise Daily Missions and Rewards

You will receive food and bits, the main currency of Digimon ReArise, from the daily missions.

Daily Missions could range from things like saying hello to friends, to strengthening your Digimon and joining battle park a couple of times. This may reward you with high vegetables, BP Medals, Bits, and Com pts and much more.

Completing all of the daily missions will also allow you to earn ten (10) DigiRubies.

Here’s a list of daily missions and awards that you may receive after you complete your daily missions:

Daily Mission Instructions Reward
Get to know Tamers Say hello to 5 Tamers High vegetables
Develop friendship with Digimon Give your Digimon food 10 times 10 Com pt.
Interact with Guest Digimon Greet guest Digimon twice while they are visiting Digitown 10,000 bits
Let’s advance the adventure Clear main story battle 3 times 10,000 bits
Raise Digimon to prepare for stronger enemies Strengthen/raise a Digimon’s level by at least 1 10,000 bits
Raise Digimon and prepare for strong enemies (special) Train Digimon once with special training Attack α × 1 (Plugin)
Aim for the best Tamer in Battle Park Join the battle park at least 5 times BP Medal x5
Congratulations on your daily mission! Complete all daily missions DigiRubies x10

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