Diablo Immortal PvP Tips

A handy guide that goes over the PvP mechanics in Diablo Immortal and provides some much needed tips for beginners.

Diablo Immortal’s PvP game modes allow players to face off against other players in heated battles to compete for rare loot. Players can either choose to battle in squads of 4 in the Ancient Area or engage each other in a 16-man free for all in the Battlegrounds.

A third PvP event is The Rite of Exile, where two teams of 8, named the Shadows and Immortals, face off in 10 consecutive matches. The following guide will help you better understand PvP battles and give you some tips and tricks to dominate your opponents.

Diablo Immortal PvP Game Mechanics

There are certain things to know regarding the game mechanics of Player vs. Player battles in Diablo Immortal.

Engaging in PvP battles is only achievable in certain game modes. The Ancient Area and Battlegrounds are the only two areas where you can battle other players. The Rite of Exile is also a special limited-time event where you can fight fellow players.

The skills and equipment available to you will be the same as the ones you had in the open world. Your stats are also modified slightly in these battles. All players have a fixed 10% Crit Hit Chance and a 20% Block Chance. The time duration for effects is also decreased by 50%.

Your Combat Rating is limited to only 10% of its actual value, so players with a higher Combat Rating still have an advantage. Fights of relatively equal stats tend to take anywhere from 10-30 seconds.

Group Invitations work the same way as in Open World play, and Group buffs are shared along the same 4-player team.

Health Potions are unavailable during these battles, and bandages are used to heal only when disengaging from battle. Immortal Crown and Class consumables can also be used during the PvP battles.

These battles are an excellent opportunity to obtain some rare rewards, which include:

  • Legendary Items
  • Glowing Shard
  • Hilts
  • Reforge Stones
  • Aspirant’s Key
  • Gold

PvP Strategy

It is best to approach these battles with a plan; keep the following in mind:

For Player vs. Player battles changing from your regular gears is recommended. Swap out your Skills and Gear with ones more suited for PvP combat.

Team up with stronger, advanced-level Paragon Players as quickly as possible. This will allow you to establish strategic superiority and scare off players that show up late.

With Ancient Arena, assembling your team as early as possible is best. While Farming on your own, you should log on to the event as early as possible and team up with whoever shows up.

For the Battlegrounds game mode, your primary aim should be completing objectives rather than eliminating other players. The Match Making and Rankings are based on the completion of objectives, so the rewards you receive depend on them.

In the Rite of Exile event, remember to face only squads that you can defeat yourself. Coordination and strategizing with your faction are immensely important for victory in these battles.

PvP Tips and Tricks

Take note of these PvP Tips and Tricks when engaging with other players in Diablo Immortal.

Group Up

While battling alongside other allies, you can share your buffs which can help increase attack damage and reduce incoming damage. So, you’ll be able to defeat your targets quickly and not die as much.

Maintain Communication

It is always a good option to hop on a voice call with your team to better synchronize attacks and carry out different strategies.

Team Roles

Players on your team should be assigned different roles, and their gear and skills should be chosen according to these roles. Similarly, the effectiveness and downside of your builds/classes should be understood to help you determine your role.

Bottom to Top Approach

Placing yourself at a location 6 o’clock from the opponent gives you a strategic advantage. The game’s Birds Eye Perspective mechanic will give you additional range and vision over your opponent.

Keep Track of Opponent’s Cooldowns and Abilities.

Before the fight, take some time to take note of the opposing team’s members, classes, skills, and paragon.

Prioritize Objectives

Focus on the completion of objectives rather than the elimination of enemies. The objectives could be:

  • Kill enemies
  • Opening the Nephalem Cache
  • Defending the Idol Statues
  • Pushing the Idol Statues
  • Defending the Ancient Heart
  • Destroying the Ancient Heart

Equip at least one Movement Speed Skill

Movement speed abilities can help you out in a pickle. You can use them to chase after enemies, escape from trouble, and avoid incoming attacks. Select at least one of the following Movement Speed skills:

  • Furious Charge
  • Draw and Quarter
  • Mystic Strike

The Minimap

While battling, you should constantly glance at the Minimap to identify your ally’s and opponent’s positions. They also display your current objectives and show certain locations like Healing Wells and Choke Points that you can make use of.

Prepare Proper Classes

Make appropriate classes and builds best suited to PvP battles. These should make use of the best gear and skills.

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