Diablo Immortal Buy and Sell Market Guide

This auction house guide has all the details related to buying and selling at the market in Diablo Immortal.

Marketplace is the only place in Diablo Immortal where you can buy and sell items to other players. This Diablo Immortal guide has all the details related to buying and selling at the market in Diablo Immortal and how this auction house differs from in-game vendors.

Diablo Immortal Marketplace Location

Wynton’s Grand Market is an area of Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch where the Marketplace is located. Dya is a Market NPC that is unlocked after you reach level 25.

In Diablo Immortal, the Market is a sales platform that allows users to sell unwanted Gems, Legendary Gems, and Skill Stones to other players in return of Platinum. The Market allows you to buy and sell various things for Platinum to other players. This method can only be used to exchange Normal Gems, Legendary Gems, and Skill Stones.

How to Buy Items from the Marketplace in Diablo Immortal

The number of items you can Buy or Sell on the Market at a time are restricted, so most users use the Market as a buyer rather than a seller. There are four options when you pick the Buy tab:

  • Watchlist
  • Gems
  • Legendary Gems
  • Skill Stones


At the Auction House, you can keep a close watch on specific items. This saves you from having to go through pages of products to locate what you’re looking for.

Simply click the tiny heart banner on an item’s Market entry to add it to your Watchlist.


In the Auction House, you can purchase all levels of Normal gems. When you click Gems, a menu will appear with the six different types of Gems accessible, as well as their rankings.

Out of Stock will appear for any rank that is not presently accessible in the Market.

Legendary Gems

The majority of Legendary Gems are bought and sold in the same way as normal Gems are. The first number below the stone name indicates how many of them are now available for purchase.

The hourglass is used to show the duration of Scarce Items and Legendary Gems that are either hard to come by or of extremely high rank.

Skill Stones

Skill Stones are unique in a way that they have a variety of factors to pick from, and they are all regarded as rare. Because these are all unique, they are not classified in the same manner as Gems and Legendary Gems are, and the pricing and preview times are mentioned separately. Each Skill Stone that is sold will show all of the abilities that it changes.

How to Sell Items on the Marketplace in Diablo Immortal

Click on the Sell page on the Market, you’ll find what’s in your inventory that you can sell. It will be indicated by a scale symbol on the top left corner.

Under “My Items,” you can see the items you want to sell. You can only have up to four items for sale at a time initially. More spots can be unlocked later.

Items can be displayed for 48 hours and are returned to your inventory if they are not sold, but you will lose the money you paid to display the item earlier.

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