Diablo Immortal Auto Navigation, How To Enable And Disable Auto Run

The following guide will show you how to enable or disable auto-run in Diablo Immortal and basically AFK walk around the game world.

Diablo Immortal features eight regions with several dungeons for players to explore. You will hence be traveling a lot throughout the game. Thankfully, Diablo Immortal has an auto-navigate function that lets you sit back as your character does the running for you. The following guide will show you how to enable or disable auto-run in Diablo Immortal.

How To Unlock Auto-Navigate In Diablo Immortal

Many players assume that you have to only press a button or key to have your character auto-run. That is not the case, at least not with Diablo Immortal.

You actually have to first unlock auto-navigate in Diablo Immortal. You do that by completing all of the quests available in a zone, which also means that auto-navigate is exclusive to each zone.

If you complete all quests in a zone to unlock auto-navigate, you will still be unable to access the feature in the next zone if it has pending quests.

Suffice to say, being able to use auto-navigate throughout the world of Diablo Immortal will take a lot of time.

How To Use Auto Navigation

Once you have completed all quests in a zone, open the map and click/tap on a named location to create a waypoint. This will activate auto-run and your character will start making their way to the created waypoint.

You can also click/tap the quest in the top left corner of your screen to activate auto-navigate and force your character to automatically make their way to the quest location. If you want to disable auto-navigate, all you have to do is click/tap anywhere on the screen to regain back control of your character.

If you want to enable it again, just create a waypoint on the map or select your active quest. Auto-run will start moving your character to that point again.

Take note that there are a few cons to using auto-navigate. Your character will neither auto-attack nor open chests along the way. Your character will also not collect any loot along the way unless you have enabled auto-loot from the options.

How to Auto Loot

Along with the Auto-Run, you also have the option to auto-loot everything in Diablo Immortal. Normally, you run from item to item, and press the Pick-Up button to get all the loot that enemies spill. This feature allows your character to pick up everything without you having to stop at every item.

You need to activate Auto-Loot in the Diablo Immortal settings. Make sure you change the settings for this before you enter the game, in the main menu.

To enable auto loot, you need to enter the game’s settings through the main menu. Here, scroll down in the General settings tab. Here, you can find the Auto Loot setting in between the Error Speech and Screenshot Sharing sections of the tab.

You have the option to select what rarity items you want to loot automatically. If you want to pick up only rare and legendary items, just tick those boxes, and your character will only pick up these items automatically or you can leave them unmarked and your character will pick up every time.

Auto-Navigation Bugged

Sometimes the auto-navigate function will not work, as reported by many players who jumped into the game on day one. In that case, you first need to check that you have completed all quests in your current area. If auto-navigate is still not working, restart your game to fix the problem.

It is rare but the auto-navigate feature can be bugged. Blizzard Entertainment will hopefully fix that bug permanently in the next update.

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