Diablo 4 Keyboard Shortcuts And Keybinds Guide

For a game like Diablo 4, knowing all of its keyboard shortcuts and keybinds will make your gameplay faster and more efficient.

Just like the rest of the games out there, learning the keyboard shortcuts and keybinds is a must to progress through Diablo 4 effectively. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that help you out not only in combat but also in navigating and accessing your journal, abilities, and skills, etc.

Though there is a keyboard shortcut for most of the actions you require while playing, they may not always be the most effective since each player wants their controls to in be a specific way. Hence why, Diablo 4 also gives us the option to assign the keybinds as we see fit.

How do we do that, you ask? Let’s jump right into it.

How to change/assign key bindings in Diablo 4

Some players may find that it’s much easier to play Diablo 4 with a keyboard and a mouse because it allows you to react quickly and accurately. That’s all thanks to the keyboard shortcuts offered to you with this setup.

However, not all of the keybinds in this section are optimal, and players may want to change them if they are not comfortable with them. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when doing that though.

Firstly, movement with the WASD keys is not possible – for that, you are bound to only the mouse. One thing you can do to improve the movement of your mouse would be to set the Force Move to the mouse scroll.

However, to do that, you must first disable the Zoom on Mousewheel option from the System Control settings. This will remove the zoom shortcut from the scroll and transfer it to the Action Wheel.

To change any other keybind, you must follow the steps below:

  • Press the ESC key to open the Game Menu
  • Head over to the Options Menu
  • Open the Controls section in this menu
  • Click on the keybind section of the action that requires changing
  • Once it’s selected, press the key that you want to assign the action to

Remember that you do not have to delete the previous key binding to add a new one. You can simply replace it at once by pressing any key after selecting the keybind option.

List of all keyboard shortcuts in Diablo 4

Understanding and memorizing keyboard shortcuts can make your gameplay very efficient and quick. Moreover, combat and navigation are also heavily dependent on keyboard shortcuts, which makes them even more important to learn.

To take a look at, or change keyboard shortcuts, you can press ESC, head over to Options, and then jump into the Controls section.

The keyboard shortcuts in Diablo 4 are divided into five different categories depending on what type of input they give;

  • General
  • Gameplay
  • Mount
  • System
  • Chat


Abilities PanelA
Character PanelC
Clan ScreenN
Class PanelSHIFT + C
Collections ScreenY
Journal PanelJ
Map ScreenTAB
Shop ScreenP
Skill Assignment FlyoutS
Skill Tree PanelSHIFT + S
Social ScreenO


Core Skill SlotRight Mouse Button (RMB)
Skill Slot 11
Skill Slot 22
Skill Slot 33
Skill Slot 44
Action WheelE
Force InteractF
Force Moven/a
Hold PositionSHIFT
Use PotionQ
Fast Quest TrackR
Show Item LabelsALT
Town PortalT
Move/Interact/ Basic Skill SlotLeft Mouse Button (LMB)
MountSpur Mount: SPACE, Mount Dismount: RMB, Mount Combat Dismount: 1


Close Chat InputESC
Quick MessageCTRL + SHIFT + R
Reply to Last WhisperSHIFT + R
Cycle Chat TargetsTAB
Page Up ChatPAGE UP
Page Down ChatPAGE DOWN
Next Chat TabCTRL + TAB
Previous Chat TabCTRL + SHIFT + TAB
Chat Fade ResetX


Game MenuESC
Toggle Framerate DisplayCONTROL + R
Push To Talk`
Toggle SoundCTRL + M
Master Volume DownCTRL + –
Master Volume UpCTRL + =
Toggle Voice Chat Descriptionn/a
Skip Next TTSn/a
Clear All TTSn/a
Skip Line With Screen Readern/a
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