Diablo 4 The Heretic Walkthrough

In the Heretic side quest, you need to track down Aneta who the locals are accusing of witchcraft and devilry in Diablo 4.

“The Heretic” is another side quest in Diablo 4 that is also a perfect example of how terrified the locals are and the lengths they are willing to go to save themselves.

You are going to start out by investigating some grisly deaths which the townfolks have linked to a nearby demon sighting. You need to help them out by heading to nearby areas and confirming any survivors from the demons’ recent attacks.

How to start the quest

Make your way to the town of Zarbinzet in the southwestern corner of Hawezar. You need to find and speak with Vass at the location marked on the map below to start the Heretic side quest in Diablo 4.

Heretic starting location on the Diablo 4 map.

How to complete The Heretic in Diablo 4

Once you start the conversation with Vass, it will come in your information that some monsters have been seen in the nearby area. He needs your help to discover what has happened there from any of the survivors of their attack.

Kill all demons at the Abandoned Ruins

Make a beeline to the Abandoned Ruins as marked on the map below. This location is northeast of your starting point or Zarbinzet town.

When you arrive, you are going to find a group of demons roaming about. Kill all of them. You are then going to be surprised by a little girl who has managed to survive the demon attack.


She is going to run away from you thinking that you are another demon. Clear out all of the demons in the area and follow her outside where you can finally speak with her.

Help Aneta gather flowers

You will get to know in the conversation that her name is Aneta. She will tell her what has happened to her, she came to get some flowers for the purpose of providing them to her sick mother but she got trapped in these demons.

She will ask you to help her find 3 of the flowers which are the Dying Plant, Withered Plant, and Singed. You can get to know the location of these plants from the map where the blue area is marked on the mini-map.

All of these 3 plants are close to each other in the circle. One is in the south, another is west and the last one is in the north in the circle.

The easiest way to find the exact location of these plants is by following Aneta, she knows better the exact location.

Once you get all three flowers, take Aneta to her mother in the same city of Zarbinzet. You can fast-travel back to Zarbinzet without fearing losing Aneta.

Escort Aneta back to Zarbinzet

Once you get all three flowers, take Aneta to her mother in the same city of Zarbinzet. You have access to take help of fast travel waypoints along with Aneta 

Now have a conversation with Aneta in the presence of her mother. Next, you have to select the dialog option which is “Don’t Forget Flowers. Now, Aneta and her mother will have a conversation.

Find Aneta

Aneta’s mother is not going to be pleased to see her daughter back. Vass is also going to make his disdain known by accusing Aneta of witchcraft. As a twist in the Heretic side questline, he is going to kidnap Aneta, so you must now head out to find her again.

This time, you must make your way to the Forgotten Cave story dungeon which is located east of Zarbinzet. When you arrive there, head under the waterfall.

Inside, you are going to come across the locals confronting Aneta. However, she was being controlled by a demon all along who takes over and makes the locals explode in a ball of flame.

Speak with Aneta for the last time

You now have to deal with more demons. Kill all of them off and speak with Aneta for the last time. That is it. You will complete the Heretic quest and get your rewards in Diablo 4.

The Heretic – Forgotten Cave bug fix

Some players have reported that the Forgotten Cave fails to spawn in the second part of the Heretic quest in Diablo 4. The only workable fix for this bug is to abandon the quest from your map screen and start it again.

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