Devil May Cry 5’s New Character Has Nothing to Do With Kylo Ren, Capcom Confirms

Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno has confirmed that the new playable character in Devil May Cry 5 has nothing to do with Kylo Ren from Star Wars.

A day ago we got to see the brand new character make its debut in Devil May Cry 5. Just by looking at him during the trailer, it’s confirmed that “V” has a completely different personality as compared to Dante or Nero. Though other than his unique playstyle, a lot of people thought of him as Kylo Ren from Star Wars but that’s not the case.

Now if you saw the trailer, V does look a lot like Adam River from Star Wars. Many thought that the character was made as him but surprisingly that’s not the case despite the similarities. After playing the demo at TGS, Eurogamer had a detailed talk with Itsuno about the game, where they discussed this matter.

Matt Walker said:

We’ve been making this game for a while! When we saw Adam Driver, we were like ‘oh man’. We were making this before Star Wars Episode 7!

Followed by Hideaki Itsuno:

We were sort of surprised! When we started making the game, the new characters were the ones we started to work on – so Nico, V – we came up with those designs early on. And we went to see Star Wars and saw Kylo Ren and we were like ‘oh man, he looks just like him!’ If you ever come to Osaka we’ll show you the designs, how we’ve made them, what order, when that was and prove there’s nothing to do with Kylo Ren!

As for who that new character really is? we don’t know yet. It’s not Vergil as guessed by many but he could be someone’s son or anything else and Capcom doesn’t want to spoil it at all so we will have to wait.

There’s a lot of new information revealed about Devil May Cry 5 including Dante vs Cavaliere fight which shows us new weapons and devil trigger. This video is also the proof of how much good the new game mechanics are and it almost looks as good as a movie.

With third playable character now revealed, Capcom has revealed that character selection will be available for some missions so now it’s time for you to choose your favourite demon killer before the game releases next year.

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