Devil May Cry 5 Weapons: Cerberus, Faust Hat And Staff

Devil May Cry 5 has plenty of new things but it also brings back some old stuff that we love from previous titles. At Comic-Con Capcom showed some new content that will be part of Devil May Cry 5. Here we are going to look into the Devil May Cry 5 weapons that are new and old.

Talking about something new in the game. Dante will be able to use a hat as a weapon. The red orbs generated from the orbs can be used a ammo. You get even more Red orbs by doing this.

It is kind of a high-risk high reward kind of move. Also, after you have collected enough Red orbs by using the hat, you can drop down meteors on your enemies. This is one of the new Devil May Cry 5 weapons that players will be able to check out. You can check out the hat in action in the video below:

Talking about the older stuff that is going to be part of Devil May Cry 5. The Cerberus is back and this time it has three different forms, which is interesting because back in DMC3 you get the weapon by defeating a 3-headed dog.

The Cerberus can be used as an ice nunchuck. It can also be used as a fire staff. The third form appears to be a lightning nunchuck. You can check out the Cerberus in action in the video included below:

There is a lot of hype around Devil May Cry 5 and we have got a lot of updated concerning the game in recent days but there is still more that we do not know about. Itsuno mentioned that there are still a couple of things that Capcom has up its sleeves. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

We’ve still got some surprises up our sleeves. Let me tell you, when those people finish the game, those people are going to go nuts. [laughs] They’re going to be so excited for what they’ve experienced and what’s going on.

let us know what you think about these Devil May Cry 5 weapons and which one you are most excited about.

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