Development On A New Zelda Game Is Confirmed By Eiji Aonuma

Nintendo was full of surprises over these past months. Not only have they announced a bunch of waited ports on Nintendo Switch, but the developers behind the Legend of Zelda are now reportedly working on a new Zelda game for our beloved Link.

According to Source Gaming Twitter account,  series producer Eiji Aonuma and his team at Nintendo EPD have already started working on a new Zelda game. His statement seems to come from an interview in a Japan-exclusive Legend Of Zelda book.

Even though we don’t have the aforementioned book in our hands to prove this statement, Source Gaming has posted a variety of photos taken from it showing concept art and characters from Breath of the Wild and its DLC.

Making a new Zelda game won’t be such a difficult task at this point. Nintendo has created the Breath of the Wild engine from scratch mixing elements from Havoc and Unity to make this high-quality graphics possible. Making the engine probably took a serious amount of time during the development of the game. Now that the engine is ready, bringing a new Zelda game in the picture doesn’t seem so hard.

This new title for Zelda could as well be a remaster of an older title though, or a spin-off title like A Link Between Worlds or TriForce Heroes. Who wouldn’t want to see Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask with new graphics, probably ones that resemble those in Breath of the Wild?.

At the time there is no information by Nintendo about this project and it seems that it will take a lot of time until we find out more.

What do you hope this new project to be? If this new Zelda game is a remastered one, which of the previous ones would you like to see? 

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