Deus Ex Mankind Divided Side Quests Will Be “More Personal Stories”

According to Olivier Proulx, producer at Eidos Montreal, Deus Ex Mankind Divided side quests will be more personal stories.

The release of Deus Ex Mankind Divided is less then a week away, and the hype for the game is increasing with every passing day. Deus Ex franchise is known for its RPG elements and most of all its story. There will be side quests in the game like the previous ones, but Deus Ex Mankind Divided side quests will be a tad bit different.

Speaking with Finder, producer at Eidos Montreal Olivier Proulx talked about Deus Ex mankind Divided Side Quests, and how they will be different compared to the previous titles.

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According to Olivier, Dues Ex Mankind Divided side quests will be more personal stories as they affect the normal citizens as opposed to the main story.

I think with the side missions, it’s really more about the personal stories of how it affects just normal citizens. Side missions are more personal stories. You will explore drug addiction problems, and even some things about Adam’s past. We just give you a different angle and a more personal take on the game’s themes, which I think players can really connect with. And it really compliments what we’re doing with the main storyline.

When asked about whether these side quests will be rare or often, Olivier said that some side quests are pretty easy to find, and most of them are very well hidden. Players will have to explore to trigger these side quests.

There are quite a few side missions. Some of them are pretty easy to find, like right next to the main missions. This way most players get to experience a few side missions. But some are pretty well-hidden. You might find one in a sewer; you might find a hidden apartment with an email that triggers a side mission.

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