David Cage Says Detroit: Become Human Release Date Is Sometime In 2018

If you’ve been wondering where one of the most talked-about story-focused games at the last two E3s is, you still have a while to wait. Quantic Dream has said that the Detroit: Become Human release date is still sometime in 2018, though we don’t have an exact date for it.

Detroit: Become Human is the latest offering from David Cage, the creator of a variety of narrative games such as Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy outside of the United States), Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain. While the quality of the games (specifically their stories) are a subject of a good bit of debate, many people think that Become Human has a lot of potential.

However, considering there’s no official Detroit: Become Human release date, it may be a good while longer before the game is actually released (possibly after another E3.) At the same time, there’s also plenty of moments that we’ll get to see new gameplay, such as at the Playstation Experience in December.

Detroit: Become Human focuses around the plight of androids in the city of Detroit in the United States, as questions of sentience and prejudice against androids prompts them to attempt to rise up and improve their station in life. While the game looks very pretty, the issue that a lot of Cage’s detractors have with it is the story, and whether Cage can take advantage of its potential to do that story justice.

Cage has often faced criticisms of misogyny, racism, and deus ex machinas in his stories, along with his supposedly choice-based games ending up not really taking a player’s choices into account. Hopefully, in the time between now and the Detroit: Become Human release date, we’ll be able to see that the story for this game is actually good, and something that’ll be worth talking about.