Destiny Level 40 Reached by Player Without Leaving Tutorial

Destiny level 40 demands a lot of grinding and participating in a plethora of events. It takes time and commitment to the game. However, no one can show as much patient and commitment as this guy. He reached level 40 but never left the first mission, a tutorial training exercise.

Want to know how he did it?

Yep. Level 40 using only the very first mission, which is called, “A Guardian Rises”. That’s the mission where Ghost wakes you up, and tells you that in order to live, you need to get through the Wall and collect your ship.

Except I never collect the ship. I go to Orbit (or in this case ‘leave game’) and then load back in, only to kill all the enemies again. So long as Rahn lives, the mission never ends. So long as the mission never ends, I might be able to make it all the way to Level 40.

Simply amazing!

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