Destiny 2’s New Crucible Mode Coming Next Week

Bungie has recently announced a new mode for Destiny 2 rolling out next week known as Breakthrough mode. It will be joining us on September 25th.

The unique Gambit mode has been in the spotlight of the new Forsaken festivities, however, those who are more inclined towards traditional PvP experience still are lucky as they have another new mode for Destiny 2 rolling out next week.

This coming Tuesday, September 25th players will be able to jump into this new Breakthrough mode in the Crucible.

Having said that, Breakthrough is a mode that is multi-phase. Firstly players fight to capture the central zone, then whichever team is able to capture the zone deploys the Breaker. However, the losing team will still be able to fight to take control of that zone, so they can deploy their own breaker.

Once any team is able to capture the Breaker, they can use it to hack into enemy’s vault. Which concludes the win, as the first team to hack into the enemy’s vault wins.

Also, bear in mind that if the timer expires while you are in the process of hacking, it becomes sudden death. Best of the three wins the match in that case.

This new mode in context will initially show up as a weekly featured playlist and then later it shall be added to the competitive playlist on October 2.

Apart from all that if you are a Forsaken owner, you can play this Breakthrough in private matches starting 25th September, so that too is something you could try if you have Forsaken.

It will also be available on the Equinox, Firebase Echo, Citadel, Convergence maps, and for PS4 players, Gambler’s Ruin as well.

With all that said, there have been constant reports from the Destiny 2 community over the bug that has been agitating the fans.

It seems to to be that players who are at considerable low power levels have been getting powerful rewards as a result of this bug. So for them, it was a good bug, however, others were not too happy and that is why Bungie has not only taken notice of it, in fact, they are looking into fixing this bug.

Let us hope that they are able to very soon.