Destiny 2 Will Have More Playstation 4 Exclusive Destiny Content

Bungie will be continuing its favoritism towards the Playstation 4 when Destiny 2 releases later this year, by giving out Playstation 4 exclusive Destiny content.

This is according to a recent Twitter post from shinobi602, an industry insider that’s been right about various games before. Bungie did the same thing when the first game released.

This Playstation 4 exclusive Destiny content included things like new missions, new ships, new Strikes, and new weaponry, including the exotic four-barreled Fourth Horseman shotgun that came out for Playstation players in The Dark Below.

Normally, the Playstation content are a timed exclusive, so other players will eventually get it. The Dust Palace Strike, where players must hunt down and kill three Cabal Psions, was also a Playstation timed exclusive before it was released to the Xbox.

We can therefore expect more Playstation 4 exclusive Destiny content with Destiny 2.

We still don’t really know much about Destiny 2 beyond a few things like the pre-order bonus of a tiny Cayde-6 figurine, a possible port to the PC, and what appears to be a September 8 release date, but hopefully Bungie will start telling us more and more stuff once the game is revealed.

Destiny got off to a rough start when it was first released, with many players decrying a disappointing story and lack of content. Now, however, with the release of four different DLC packs, the game is still seen as one of the premiere multiplayer-focused shooters.

Considering that Bungie also released a teaser trailer featuring Cayde-6 to promote the game’s official reveal trailer coming on Thursday, hopefully the game will exceed expectations coming this time around and do everything right that the original game stumbled over.

As for the Playstation 4 exclusive Destiny content, hopefully Bungie will make it so that it comes to the Xbox One and PC faster than it did in the original game.

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