Here Is How To Solve The Destiny 2 The Lost Cryptarch Murder Mystery

The Lost Cryptarch is the latest mission offered by Amanda in Destiny 2 as part of Festival of the Lost. Here is how to solve this murder mystery.

Destiny 2: The Festival of the Lost is currently underway and Amanda Holliday has offered up a new quest. The Lost Cryptarch is the latest mission offered by Amanda in Destiny 2. Here is how to solve this murder mystery.

The Lost Cryptarch quest in Destiny 2 requires players to investigate the death of a Cryptarch called Master Ives. Head to the tower and talk to Amanda Holliday.

First, she will hand you a pursuit called Journal of the Reef Cryptarch. This mission is divided into multiple stages that will unfold over the course of a few days.

Completing this mission will get you the Thunderlord. Interestingly, the quests itself is very simple. It just that it takes place in a span of weeks.

The Lost Cryptarch(Part 1)
Once you speak with Amanda Holliday, she will give you Master Ives empty journal. Players have to find the missing pages. There are two ways in which you can secure the pages for Master Ives empty journal.

The first method is to acquire them from Legendary or Exotic Engrams. Earn these engrams and open them to find the missing pages. The second method to acquire the pages is by killing Fallen Enemies with yellow bars in the EDZ.

Head over to EDZ and complete a couple of Public Events. Chances are you will find all of the missing pages from these two events. If not then continue to find them. Also, I would suggest you turn these public events in EDZ to Herioc.

Once you find 10 pages, the pursuit will update. The encryption on these pages is currently uncrackable and Amanda Holliday is using her contact to find a way to crack them.

This is the first part of the first stage of Destiny 2 The Lost Cryptarch. We will update this guide as Amanda Holliday contacts us to resolve the murder mystery.

Part 2
The second part of the Lost Cryptarch Murder Mystery is as simple as the first one. Surprisingly, this is one of the easiest exotic quests to grace Destiny 2.

In the second part of the mission, players have to go to the three Lost Sectors in EDZ. The bosses you will face there are the usual ones. Once you complete the first two Lost sectors, you will be asked to go to the fourth one, Whispering Falls.

After completing this Lost Sector, you will receive a Legendary drop, Ives’ cape and the quest will update that the Trail has gone cold.

Destiny 2 is a first-person multiplayer shooter developed by Bungie. The game is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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