Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Ethereal Charms Guide

This guide will help you complete the Essence of Greed quest by giving the location of the Ethereal Charms you need in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

In order to complete the Essence of Greed quest in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, one of the three things you need to get is Ethereal Charms. These are located in the Temple of Crota on the Moon. This is where things stop seeming easy as this place is unmarked on the map. Lucky for you we have a picture for you to locate it. It might seem tricky but the machine gun this Destiny 2 quest earns you is really good.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Ethereal Charms

Using your sparrow to reach the destination is advised as it can be a very long journey on foot. Take the East path into the Anchor of Light. Move straight through, towards the big research unit keeping right. You would come across a thin chasm, move through it to go to the Temple of Crota.

Once you enter, stick left and move down two levels. Once you notice a big chandelier in the corner, you have arrived at your destination, well not yet.

From here go to the short hallway behind the chandelier and turn left. Jump and go straight ahead into the passage, walking and keeping left go down the stairs of the Temple of Crota.

Ignore the enemies firing at you or kill them if you can, it’s up to you. When you reach the first open room, you can save a bit of time by cutting through the hollowed-out Artifact-looking thing in the middle. Either way, keep going down until you reach another open chamber.

Ethereal charms are located at the end of this room. If you have Essence of Greed marked in your quest tracker, your HUD will display their location once you enter the room, otherwise look for a pile of rubble as they can be tough to see.

Now you can finally get the “A Fine Memorial” machine gun in Destiny 2!