Rumor: Destiny 2 September Expansion Is Called Summoning of the Nine

According to a recent Destiny 2 leak on 4chan, we are going to get a new expansion in September which called Summoning of the Nine and it includes new story missions and enemies.

Developers have been trying to bring everyone back to the game after struggling a lot recently. Destiny 2 has got a lot of content recently including new strikes and raids. The latest leak revolves around the expansion of Destiny 2 which is going to release in September.

Well, take this all with a grain of salt as nothing is officially confirmed yet. This leak came from 4chan and according to the leak, the September expansion will be called “Summoning of Nine”. This expansion will most likely evolve around Awoken and the Nine which can be seen in the images by Bungie for their upcoming live stream.

Summoning of Nine will bring a brand new race of enemies and will include a raid called Tomb of Eternity. The expansion will include 10 new story missions and 4 strikes which is amazing and will definitely set Destiny 2 in the right direction.

The leaks tell us that that the Storyline will revolve around Uldren resurfacing with an army of Fallen soldiers to rescue his sister from the Nine.

Here’s what supposedly coming to Destiny 2 in September:

  • Storyline revolves around Uldren resurfacing with an army of Fallen soldiers to rescue his sister from the Nine.
  • Nine are forced to unleash the Nastareth to stop Uldren’s army – brand new enemy race of Void demons.
  • Nastareth are led by Nezarec, the main antagonist of the expansion beside Uldren.
  • Nezarec is the former tenth member of the Nine who was banished for betraying his brethren
  • The expansion’s new raid is called: “Tomb of Eternity,” and revolves around stopping Nezarec for good.
  • The Nine are met during the expansion’s campaign, and help you stop Nezarec.
  • 10 story missions and 4 strikes.
  • 2 new destinations, the Reef, and the Void.
  • Brand new cooperative activity known as the “Court,” details on this are scarce at the moment, but it’s a brand new PvE activity new to the Destiny series.

As for legitimacy, Uldren has been part of almost every leak but has not yet appeared which makes it perfect for him to arrive this September.

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