Destiny 2 Rewards and Economy Changes Will Be Detailed This Week, Bungie Promises to Address Community Concerns

It has been nearly a month since Bungie announced a long list of new features and improvements that are slated to arrive early next month for Destiny 2. The core changes circle around overhauling rewards and incentives for players to continue investing time into the sequel. However, not much has been heard about them since then. The silence has tested the patience of the community, which continues to voice concerns regarding disappointing post-release support from the developer.

On the weekend, game director Chris Barrett confirmed that another livestream will take place later this week to preview some of the upcoming significant changes on the systems side. This includes economy updates for the vendors, gear, tokens, and legendary shards; investment updates for new rewards covering weapons and armor; gameplay updates for balance, and more.

In addition, project lead Mark Noseworthy will be present to field questions from the community and address feedback that has been heard since Destiny 2 was launched nearly three months back.

Bungie has been taking a lot of heat for a number of prevailing issues in the game. It goes deeper than an unsatisfying rewards system. Most recently, it was caught throttling XP gains for players that were grinding additional levels for loot boxes.

The developer has repeatedly promised to better the current status of the game when Curse of Osiris, the first expansion pack, releases. However, the community has not been able to find solace in those assurances. Bungie now hopes to quell all concerns this week.

Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Curse of Osiris is scheduled to arrive on December 5 for the masses.

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